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Wakil Rakyat cum Businessman

By: Datuk Tan Sri Tama Puyang

In Oxford Dictionary, tells us the meanings of Politician (wakil rakyat), and the meaning of Businessman.

Let us start with “Politician”, what does it mean? In Oxford Dictionary, Politician means, “A person holding an elected government post.”

Secondly, what is the meaning of “Businessman” in Oxford Dictionary”? Businessman means “An occupation, profession, or trade; something that is someone’s duty or concern.”

Being your Tan Sri, I would like all of my Sarawakian to clearly understand the difference meanings between a businessman and a politician. Here you know how one person has to focus on making profits for his personal bank account, the other being elected during the election to lead the rakyat for 5 years.

The idea was that the two jobs are very different, calling for very different kinds of competence. One person has to be good at numbers; the other at all kinds of people. One has to be sensitive to market movements; the other sensitive to rakyat’s moods and sensitivities.
Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan,…this may just be what we've been talking about this year: the difference between a man who can make a lot of money and the kind of person who can lead a patriotic country, a country with rich natural resources and patriotic peoples.

Tidak apa-apa, no big harm done,……”nothing wrong”. You could say that. You could also say that we've just witnessed a nice little harmless example of the difference between a Jacob Dungau Sagan or Taib Mahmud, Alfred Jabu or wakil rakyat/MP in the money business and a wakil rakyat/MP in the rakyat business. They are the example of elected wakil rakyat/MP who are suppose to serve the rakyat at large but instead abused their positions transformed to become businessmen and worse to that they swindle the state coffers in the name of “Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy” (SCORE), that could be the state’s prime business centre that would guarantee-businesses in selling of CMS cements, CMS aggregates, CMS construction materials etc for the dams. Even a primary 3 kid can tell the “Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy” (SCORE), that could be the state’s prime business is totally bull shit. Until today Taib Mahmud failed to defend all the wild accusations thrown against him about his giant SAKTI and SAKTO, and the rest of his business empire in America, Canada, Australia and UK. What SCORE is he talking about?

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, I would like to ask everyone of you in this email - can you trust this man/monster to create more policies that will eventually benefiting himself? This is the policy of the same man who gave out licenses to his cronies to cut and sell our assets (timbers), this is the policy of the same man who forced us to abandon our homes and NCR lands, migrated to Sungai Asap to give way for his family business “white elephant” the Bakun-dam.

On the other hand, we have this weak, timid and no-ball “anjing kurap” by the name of Jacob Dungau Sagan who is so well known of talking rubbish and fear of his own shadow. Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, for me being your Datuk Sri, I dare Jacob Dungau Sagan’s silence on all the shits about him in Sarawak Report, blogs and emails to response to the voters and the rakyat of Baram empirically.

Maybe Jacob Dungau can answer this simple question:- Datuk…Who is the owner of Milisa Holding Sdn Bhd, that cut off precious belian timbers belong to the rakyat? He (Jacob Dungau) should instead clear the air among his voters in the Baram the motives behind the license directly under his name and his wife, instead of blaming and accusing the opposition of misleading the people of Baram.

He (Jacob Dungau) Sagan should realize that silence hiding inside his wife Winnie Jolly’s “sarong” is not the way out and it only aggravates the position as wikil rakyat/MP for the Baram.

Because of Jacob Dungau’s timidity hiding behind his wife Winnie Jolly’s sarong, he doesn’t realized he is being making used by Abu Bakar Bin Abdullah @ Tom Belarek who is day-and-night looking for ways in paying his massive debts (million ringit) to Mejlis Islam over the timber concession in Tinjar Baram.

Can you imagine, Abu Bakar Bin Abdullah @ Tom Belarek is able overshadowed Jacob Dungau and Alfred Jabu? In actual fact in status, who the hell is Abu Bakar Bin Abdullah @ Tom Belarek compared to Jacob Dungau and Alfred Jabu? Bakar Bin Abdullah @ Tom Belarek is the same man who sold off the Rumah Orang Ulu at Jalan Satok Kuching abou 10 years ago. Until today, not even a single soul amount the people of Orang Ulu know where the few million ringgit cost of Rumah Orang Ulu gone to, vanished in the thin-air, except Bakar Bin Abdullah @ Tom Belarek and his followers, cousin Peter Usang and Philip Usang. And yet this man who is capable of overshadoweding Jacob Dungau and Alfred Jabu to go in the next level of selling the souls of baram for his personal gain.

You don’t believe to what I’ve just mentioned? See for yourself. Below picture tells you thousand stories.

Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan,..we as rakyat, civil servants included, must join together to explore the current and the future that we may seize the opportunity and be better able to cope with problems we have in common. To name a few, our NCR land are being robbed, our natural resources are being robbed, our rivers, our homes are drowned to benefit a few. That’s why
Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, we have our individual responsibilities to Sarawak’s future development; we cannot sit by and wait for our businessman wakil rakyat/MP to do what he wish, neglecting their duties as wakil rakyat, abusing their positions to become businessman that has affects our lives and that of our country.

You should know, what is going on within Barisan National. There is a great deal of finger- pointing and back stabbing going on within Barisan National members after the recent Sarawak state election. Civil war within SUPP, civil war within PRS, SPDP & PBB. Much of it is justified. After all, how is it possible that after 30 years of Taib Mahmud's policies 20 years ago in making Sarawak as developed nation by 2015 that have resulted in a terrible robbing people’s NCR, flooding the rivers and personal greed?

Going forward, I would like to see the Pakatan Rakyat attempt to impeach the chief minister of Sarawak and his cronies. I wouldn't expect to see Taib Mahmud handcuff booted out of his office, but I'm convinced that justice has to at least go through the motions. If they're going to give us rakyat a reason to believe there is a real difference between the two BN & PR, they have to take action against a Taib Mahmud who places more importance on his own re-election than on our nation's economy and heritages.

That’s is why Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan, by now you rakyat and orang asal should understand, we have enough of elected wakil rakyat who transforms within few months after elected becoming businessman.

Elected wakil rakyat who are transforms overnight in becoming Businessman are not effective, they cannot carry out their duty as wakil rakyat and sadly they cannot focus on sensitive of the rakyat because they are too busy focusing in making profits for his personal bank account. This where corruptions, manipulations, swindling state coffers’ born.

Sarawak, wake up!! Our low self-esteem and lax attitude as well as our greedy and selfish chief minister, leaders, wakil rakyak and YB are destroying the very fiber of our country. We have been stupid and have acted stupidly for far too long!! Wake-up, Sarawak…!!!!

It’s time for CHANGE for GOOD, for our CHILDREN and for our NATION…… Vote for Pakatan Rakyat NOW..!!!!

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    WHAT MANY OF YOU SLEPT THROUGH- (in case those of you who just don't care and or lead comfortable lives have failed to notice...)

    -1960s when many did not rally to the call of our Sarawak Motherland for freedom and independence!

    Our patriotic freedom fighters were resisting the UK-Malayan annexation of our country Sarawak under the sham “independence in Malaysia” neo-colonial plan. The Ningkan resistance against UMNO onslaught for political domination. This same resistance by Singapore led to its exiting the Malaysia Federation in 1965.

    -1970s when the guerrilla independence war was on in Sarawak following the anti-Malaysia Brunei Uprising in December 1962. In fact some of you fought on the side of the colonising power!

    Then the few SUPP USELESS mis-leaders betrayed Sarawak by taking the SUPP into the UMNO BN and delivering them their 2/3 majority to change the Malayan Constitution... Things would have been different.

    -1974-76 UMNO Petronas theft of our oil with the help of the uncle and nephew traitor team who traded away our oil so they could have a free hand to plunder Sarawak.

    What sort of ponzi trading was this?

    -1980s when Taib came to power and held Sarawak in bondage to Malaya as its vassal state- You did not resist this either...the few people who did were simple Penan folks! Some had no choice but to join the underground armed resistance which was still going on. This put all of us to SHAME!

    -1990s When the colonial style land grabs reached its peak leading to the resurgence of people's struggle for justice and freedom from colonial pillage and oppression continuing our struggles of the 1960s...

    -2000s when the rest of us are still waiting for you to join in the resistance and fight for freedom from Malayan colonial domination and rule.

    We say to all of you- even if your are into your 60s or 70s it is not too late to join in the struggle!


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