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STAR: This Time Let the People Win

With GE13 just around the corner, political scenario in Sabah becomes hot as usual with Veteran (old-political-minded) politicians ‘badmouthing’ each other all the way. That was what ex-UPKO turned APS chairman, Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburng did via his info chief, youth chief and secretary general towards Datuk Dr Jeffrey G Kitingan over who has the better solution towards the greatest rip-off of Sabah and its people.

Alternative Media Chief for STAR Sabah admits that it’s very disappointing indeed. "Why is APS resorting to maliciously derogatory comments of STAR and its warriors? How can they claim to be a leader of the people if they can easily believe rumours picked up from the streets?"
When ask about the 'so-called meeting' between Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan and Tun Daim, Alternative Media Chief for STAR Sabah answered with a quote from Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan himself, "the alleged meeting between Me (DDJK) and Tun Daim is just a blatant lie". It never happened.

"You asked and we answer. Why prolong the issue?" she added.

It is really mind boggling; looking from a voter’s perspective this action would be deemed immature. It is like little boys quarrelling over a candy. APS should have realised by now, that Sabahans no longer want to be ruled by ‘boys’ but ‘men’ instead.

STAR Sabah could have easily retaliated by countering to ask APS as to why they accuse STAR Sabah as being KDMRs split-voter. Why don’t they ask the same question to UPKO who claims to fight for KDMRs specifically? Why aren’t they contesting in UPKO’s areas? What about PBS, PBRS, etc? Aren’t they fighting for KDMRs and contesting the same areas as well? We could have raised doubts over their (APS) intentions couldn't we?

‘How could STAR be labelled as splitting KDMR votes whilst fighting for the rights of Sabahans as a whole (not only KDMRs)? How can educating the people on the injustices done to them via the ruling party deemed to be helping BN holding on to power in Sabah? And fooling Sabahans? It just doesn’t make sense. We urge APS to please get your facts right before issuing a press statement. There is a big difference between facts and personal opines.’

However, in the spirit of kinship, STAR Sabah would not subscribe to discrediting its own; regardless of their political ideologies. This is just a typical divide-and-rule tactic at its best; master-minded by none other than leaders of political parties from abroad. Peculiar, don’t you think? Nonetheless, this is understandable due to the fact that they (BN and PR) come from the same ‘mould’.

To be fair, STAR Sabah is also asking the same of all the like-minded political parties in Sabah.

On the social media front, STAR Sabah is being attacked from all sides and STAR has always been on the defensive, not only limited to local parties (components in BN) but also Pakatan Rakyat. It’s baffling to see oppositions attacking oppositions. What is going on? And yet STAR is being blamed for not wanting to cooperate with other opposition parties in Sabah? They purposely overlook or neglect to mention that insofar STAR Sabah is the only party in Sabah that had initiated to call for all Sabah political parties to form an alliance under one umbrella.

A similar action was taken by Tun Fuad prior to the formation of Malaysia. Can’t we learn from history?

“I implore to all Sabah political parties to see reason. This is the only window of opportunity after a long time for us to take back our State and demand that we take charge of it ourselves. Therefore, we must seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity now. IF we do not unite and fight for the same cause, the political parties from abroad would make sure this kind of opportunity ceases to exist the next time around. Is that what you want? Being subjugated and subservient to them at the expense of the people?” she asked.

STAR Sabah promotes the ‘Borneo Agenda’ through educating the people of Sabah on their rights as Sabahans. The Agenda is a clarion call to break Barisan’s stranglehold on the East Malaysian states. She quoted Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan’s, “STAR Sabah stands by its position to genuinely fight for Sabah’s rights and safeguarding them.” Hence, to ‘kow-tow’ to political parties from abroad, would mean no change could be effected. In that light, how could the people of Sabah move forward? Wouldn’t the modus operandi be the same? Being ruled via ‘remote control’ from abroad? How can we achieve the ‘potential’ that was repeatedly dubbed on us and not remain ‘just a potential’ forever? The people of Sabah and Sarawak have suffered economic injustices for far too long.

She also reiterates that the emphasis here is Peninsular-based parties have not fought for or protected the interests of Sabahans. ‘We are not their priorities. This can be proven from the World Bank Report that Sabah remains the poorest in the country. As Sabahans, we have to stand UNITED and take responsibility for our own destiny and future because then and only then will the people win.’

The sincerity of the Borneo Warriors in STAR Sabah combined with the facts presented in the Borneo Agenda is felt, and has captured the hearts of Sabahans resulting in support growing at a miraculously rapid pace. Now, this she retorted, has unseated many especially BN and PR leaders. Although PR is a Peninsular-based opposition coalition together with their Pakatan Plus parties in Sabah, PR is just another exploitive clone of BN which should rightly be confined within the shores of Malaya. STAR also deemed them as the ‘Malaya Agenda’.

‘STAR believes that APS, along with the other local parties, has every right to fight for Sabahans for they are also true Sabahans. However, the approach has to be fighting against the Malaya Agenda in the coming general election’ she urged.

If they (PR) are really sincere in honouring the Malaysian Agreement 1963, Inter-Governmental Report and the Cobbold Commission Report; they would leave us to contest in Sabah and work with us while they concentrate in the Peninsular. After all during the formation of Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak had 35% minority veto seats in the Parliament of which was violated by the ruling party.

If PR really wants to ‘UBAH’ then they should see to a check and balance system to avoid concentrating 2/3 majority of Parliamentary seats in Malaya so as the constitution couldn’t be amended easily at their whims and fancies.

PR should show and prove their sincerity in wanting to honour Sabahans as a nation equal in status in Malaysia now. NOT after the election. This is what APS and other local political parties have failed to see and understand. Once united, we can further press for autonomous Borneo states and the special rights’ of the people.

“It is their Malaya Agenda to stay in control and colonise Sabah and Sarawak, whereas our Borneo Agenda is just the opposite; to free us from this prolonged economic suffocation,” she said.

“Political leaders in the state, regardless of their parties must unite; let bygones be bygones, in order to save the States. Badmouthing other fellow politician in Sabah is so ‘old school’ and this vicious cycle has to stop. We talk about change and reformation. Who else should start this if not us? The future generation would soon follow this trend. Let us be the role models to them,” she added.

“Let it be about the people and not about any politicians or parties. Let us be the catalyst for change, voicing out the people’s screams calling for better governance in the States. A government by Sabahans for Sabahans. Be it known to all, that the Borneo Agenda is the People’s Agenda. This time, let the people win.”

She pleaded to all Sabahans to see reason in taking back the state government. We have been neo-colonised and suffered for far too long. POSIK! ('Wake up' meaning in dusun language) and unite to achieve the Borneo Agenda! Ini Kali Lah!



    Why are they silent about a people's overthrow of the scum UMNO dictators-- peacefully by the vote?

    Don't hide in your shadows you hired common sense killers with your verbal c4s....all farts...

  2. POSIK!!
    APS and PPS in not a political parties, instead these only political NGO which are promoting and supporting the agenda malaya... traitors to Sabahan people. These political NGO are not fighting for the rights of Sabahan but further damaging the state on Sabah. By right, the two so called NGO should support the Agenda Borneo.

    1. How to support Agenda Borneo? APS mau jadi KM, PPS pun mau jadi KM.
      Jadi kita Sabahan patut anggap APS = Angkatan Pengkhianat Sabah dan PPS = Pakatan Pengkhianat Sabah;
      Dan APS + PPS = Angkatan Pakatan Syaitan.
      Bumburing ialah Timbalan Presiden Amanah yang diketuai oleh Tengku Razaleigh. Tengku Razaleigh mau Umno terus berkuasa memerintah Malaysia dan terus mengkuasai Sabah and membolot kekayaan Sabah. Mungkin niatnya menjadi agen Umno/BN?
      Macammana pun, 1 kaki BN, 1 kaki Pakatan. BN menangkah, Pakatan menangkah, Bumburing jadi KM dan jual maruah Sabah?


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