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Doomsday? Relax and think positive

I have been following “Countdown to Apocalypse” in the History Channel in Astro. It’s amazing the many theories and contingency preparations that people have taken as a survival plan for Doomsday.
Many religions, calendars and prophecies point to Dec 21, 2012 as the end of the world. Is this another “Theory of the Apocalypse” that will come and go like others we have seen, or is this one that we should be paying attention to?
This worldwide anxiety was also here in Malaysia. I have people talking about it every day in Facebook, and many of my friends had actually stocked up for the predicted emergencies.
There are other people that I talked to, shared their anxiety and concern on safety and their families. But not everyone believes that Doomsday is true.
Sceptics have pointed to the history of failed Doomsdays of the past, but many oracles of doom throughout history have a disturbingly accurate track record.
Whether Doomsday will materialise or not is altogether another thing. The crucial concern now is how you are looking at this Doomsday. Are seeing it with anxiety or with a sense of calmness?
Anxiety can be an unpleasant emotion generated within you. It gives you a vague, unspecified feeling that harm is coming to you in some way. Contrary to popular belief, anxiety does not arise directly out of dangerous or painful situations.

Positive self-talk
Anxiety actually arises out of your thoughts. In a given situation, it’s the thought of potential danger, not the actual danger and loss, that produces the symptoms of anxiety. Extreme forms of anxiety are called panic attacks or depression.
Fear of the future constantly disturbs mankind. The by-product of such worry is anxiety, and its intensity becomes heightened as we completely focus on it and acknowledge it.
The powerful feelings of anxiety can involve some or all of these physical symptoms: a rapid heartbeat, body tremors, sweating, difficulty in breathing, dry mouth, chest tightness, dizziness, insomnia, fatigue, cramps, loss of appetite, sweaty palms, nausea or diarrhea.
In psychology, there are several theories as to the cause of anxiety. The “learning” theory considers it as a reaction to pain, so the therapist will suggest keeping away from the source of the pain. Here is where I suggest you change the TV channel to another programme that does not show any Doomsday myth.
“Cognitive” theory also evaluates the cause of the problem and the therapist suggests using positive self-talk to combat anxiety. Physiological theory suggests drugs to combat anxiety. Frankly, I am one who does not support this viewpoint personally.
But, sometimes there are no other alternatives, but most drugs cause side-effects, so make sure whether this is the type of treatment you need. Psychoanalytic theory recognises two types of anxiety: anxiety resulting from trauma and signal anxiety, which is in effect when the sufferer is trying to protect himself from anxiety resulting from trauma.
Let’s examine anxiety closely to understand it better. Anxiety mostly relates to a future time and a situation. It can also come from some scattered attention and lack of focus. It is the unknown that causes apprehension and anxiousness.
A good way to cope with anxiety is to live in the moment. We decide ourselves into thinking we can control, manipulate, or shape the future. In reality, there are so many variables that we are unaware of the possibilities that can occur. In fact, worrying or being anxious causes more anxiety and may cause missing a valuable moment.
Change your life
Think Doomsday as an opportunity instead. If it does not happen, then we have many extra stocks of can food that we can donate to the poor, needy and homeless. That would make this world a happier one for these people.
There are many predictions on Doomsday, like a global power cut for three days. The more you anticipate what’s going to happen this weekend, the more anxious you become. Our subconscious empowers conflict by allowing us to discover logic losing to imagination. While we try to convince ourselves on the logical course of action, we still imagine following our subconscious desires and reaction.
Remember that you are what you think! Positive emotions bring positive results, so learn to master any outcome by thinking positive. Focus on your breath: breathe slowly and this will deeply activate the vagus nerve, which is the major quieting nerve of the body. Centre yourself with some complementary medicine programme which includes hypnosis, breathing exercise like tai chi, yoga, and qi gong. It does help.
Whatever is the Doomsday prediction, I am confident that if you are reading this article, this doom oracle has already passed on by now. Let’s chill and enjoy this year-end season with 2013 bringing a better life. It’s time to change your mind, change your life today.
Julian Leicesteris a London-trained subconscious specialist. He is Malaysia’s most renowned clinical hypnotherapist, media personality, columnist, event host and book author.. He can be contacted at



    This conversation posted in Hornbill Unleashed (Sarawak blog page)


    Agree to all the above (calls for overthrow of a local dictator).

    Foreign support yes but no intervention or we get another Vietnam or Cambodia in the making… but the foreign powers will back the status quo unless there is a legitimate resistance as in the case of East Timor or Southern Sudan….

    REMEMBER we already had foreign intervention in the form of Japan (1941) and UK invasion 1962. At the same time as they suppressed the anti-Malaysia Brunei Uprising, the Malayan army was smuggled into Borneo as British pall bearers in the rear. A secret war against Sarawak guerillas went on from 1962 to 1990. Last December 8 was the 50th anniversary of the Brunei Uprising- lest we already forgotten!

    The OUTCOME of this invasion? Sabah and Sarawak were occupied and re-colonised by Malaya. What is the difference? We were conned into believing that brown skinned mastahs were our kinsfolk so different from orang putehs!

    The NCR and all dispossessed landowners can vouch to you all that brown skin colonialism is the same as white!

    Brother and sisters there are 2 ways to overthrow the local traitors and their Malayan colonial scum masters.

    We can exercise our vote but this is tempered by vote rigging and a corrupt electoral system. That we all know.

    However by charging the KL ruler we may get a new set of colonial masters such as PKR which seeks to INTEGRATE Sabah and Sarawak.


    The second way for change is an even more difficult road. That is we all unite to “storm the Bastille ” as the French did in 1788 (unlucky date for the Sun King and divine right to rule) and sweep out the old order.

    Our Bastille is the Malayan colonial ruler with its occupation army and its local PBB BN (all the local traitor parties).

    You can work out what to do!-

    Our local Rajah is the “Electric Emperor” with dams growing out of his ears. He basks in dreams of electric light. He is all powered by dams. He claims a divine right to rule for over 30 years.

    How do we switch him “off”???

    Where are our head hunters?

    Comment by ORANG2BANGKIT — December 23, 2012 @ 11:17 AM | Reply

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