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Banks robbing the poor….disgusting!!!

On 6 Dec 2012, PSM Kajang Branch received a complaint from Muniammah a/p Thambiram. She is 54 years old, illiterate, a widow and she is supporting her son who has been quite sick since last 4 years due to heart problem and an industrial accident. The son bought an apartment for the family in Oct 2001. Housing loan for RM78,318 was approved by AmBank and they started paying installment since Sept 2003.

It was not easy for them to pay the monthly installment which comes to about RM500-RM600 a month especially since the son, Thanasegaran is disable and surviving on SOCSO. They used up almost all their EPF money paying the installment. No doubt they were struggling as they was no stable income.

Madam Muniammah always makes her payment at the AmBank Balakong where her loan was processed. Suddenly, in July 2012 when she went to pay her installment, the bank official told her that her house is already sold. No further explanation given. Instead she was asked to get details from HQ.

On the other hand, since July, she was receiving threats and continuously being harassed till today by the so called ‘new owner’ — demanding her to vacate the house. Where would she go with a sickly son, 3 grandchildren of which one is handicapped and a daughter in law whose husband left her 2 years ago?

Madam Muniammah did visit the officials at HQ twice and they did not even respect her or bothered to explain why her house was sold without proper notification and why did they sell the house that belongs to her son (not entirely off course!) Thanasegaran.

So, when she came with her grievances to PSM Kajang, we immediately took her to Kajang police to make a police report against AmBank Finance Berhad and one Awesome Management Consultancy Services. We don’t know, if police will even bother to investigate plight of poor people (well, we know they always side the rich & powerful)

Anyway, on 11th. Dec 2012, PSM Kajang took Madam Muniammah to meet with AmBank officials at their HQ with a letter seeking explanation to the following:

(i)                  Why the said property (B-G-23 Pangsapuri Kasturi Tiara, Taman Kasturi Balakong) was sold without notifying the said owner?

(ii)               Why no warning letter received by the said owner from the Bank?

(iii)              Why no legal letter received from the Bank’s lawyer by the said owner?

(iv)              Why there was never any sort of letters or statement of payment send to the said owner for all the payment made in the last 9 years? It’s amazing how the bank could send them copy of letter Pihak pento EPF on the deduction of their payment. And they could also find their address to send them a letter which says, their hard earned monthly payment of about RM3,850 was debited from their account to pay for the Auction Fee. This money was debited without their permission too.

What the bank has to say? “Sorry, we did not handle their loan, you go and see their loan officials at Pudu office” They even refuse to accept our complaint letter!

What kind of reply is that from the 5th largest bank in Malaysia? And this is how they treat poor people – give them loan, suck all their money and then sell the same property to another bidder at higher price and left the poor family in despair?

The so called new owner has ganged up with TNB and the water department to disconnect both electric and water supply. And the new owner has the gut to even threaten her neighbor from giving electric supply! Police report made but whose side they will be?

Who are those people running the banks, so heartless to rob from poor families. It’s truly disgusting.

Who knows how many more families like Madam Muniammah are suffering out there in the hands of these unscrupulous banks!

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