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STAR leaders pay respect at Double Six Monument

REMEMBRANCE... Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan yesterday led a group of State Reform Party (Star) leaders to pay respect at the memorial monument of the 11 state leaders and officers who perished in a Nomad air crash in Sembulan 36 years ago.

They bowed and laid two wreaths at the "Double Six monument. Dr Jeffrey in a short speech said yesterday Sabahans remembered the good deeds of leaders like Fuad Stephens, Peter Mojuntin, Salleh Sulong and Chong Thain Vun and all the others.

He said the mystery surrounding the air crash is still unexplained and this had haunted many who tried to seek the truth behind the tragic incidence.

He said barely one week after the air crash that killed Chief Minister Fuad Stephens, the oil agreement between Sabah and Petronas / Federal was signed without going through the State Assembly sitting.

The maverick politician said there must be explanation on the tragedy and that the oil agreement must be reviewed immediately. Right now the only way to this is to change the regime and hope for the incoming government to  reconcile with the aspirations of Sabahans, he said.

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