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Lim Guan Eng to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia

written by Fernz, June 08, 2012 02:42:40
Professor Khoo has been educated beyond his intelligence. His statements about Malaya belonging to the so-called Malays do not hold water.
Tanah Melayu refers to Malay reservation land and wherever the Malays stayed. In Sarawak, they refer to Tanah Dayak wherever the Dayak communities stay. So, do we rename Sarawak as Persekutuan Tanah Dayak?
The Malay-speaking communities in Peninsular Malaysia are not the Orang Asal or Natives. Read the Constitution.
The term Bumiputera is not in the Constitution. If by implication, it will open Pandora's Box as the Indians and Chinese will also claim to be sons of the soil. Sons of the soil, as people in Sabah and Sarawak like to point out, is not as strong a term as Native. When you have the term Native or Orang Asal or Orang Asli, why do you need another term which cannot be justified in law, politics and history? It must be remembered that Tunku Abdul Rahman, who coined the term Bumiputera so that the Malay-speaking communities can be "Native" by the backdoor, never passed his law even after 12 years. Finally, they just gave him the degree anyway because they knew he was going to be an important man back home. Tun Razak claims he read the law books out aloud to Tunku and he finally managed to pass.
It’s a Principle of Law that Natives are the first people to settle in a geographically defined area. That confers certain legal rights by the act of settlement and working the land. Often, we don't know where these Natives came from -- now we can find out through DNA tests -- and the same group doesn't seem to be living in some other country.
Any group that comes long after the Natives, like a few hundred or thousand years later, cannot by any stretch of the imagination call themselves Natives.
So, the Malay-speaking communities in Peninsular Malaysia are not the Natives of the land despite the Malay Reservation Act which is a colonial British creation to get the Malay-speaking squatters on Thai territory out of their way so that they could plant rubber and mine tin.
Those who insist that the Malaysian Prime Minister must be a Malay Muslim cannot cite a Principle of Law to justify the position that they have taken. All they have is hot air and this goes for Petra as well who once posted that any comment against the idea of a Malay Muslim Prime Minister will be blocked and/or deleted.
Even if a Penan, for example, has no hope in hell of ever becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he will not accept the idea that the Prime Minister of Malaysia must in perpetuity be a Malay Muslim. He will insist that a Penan can be Prime Minister of Malaysia.
If the Malay-speaking communities in Malaysia want to install one of their kind as Prime Minister, go ahead. There's nothing to stop you. But don't ever insist that others in Malaysia have no right to be Prime Minister. That's totally unacceptable and anyone who insists that the Prime Minister of Malaysia must be a Malay Muslim is looking for trouble.
We are talking about rights here.
I nominate Lim Guan Eng to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia under a Dap -Najib and Razaleigh faction of Umno - Pas Federal Government.
PKR, BN and the rest of Umno -- including Mahathir & Co -- should rot on the opposition benches until they can rise to the occasion and failing which until thy kingdom come.

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