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Include issuance of Bumiputera certs scandal in the RCI, says veteran

By Ezra Haganez
PENAMPANG : The proposed Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on the illegal immigrants in Sabah and the issuance of Malaysian documents to them, shall include investigation on the rampant issuance of Bumiputera certificate to those unqualified to get it, said a veteran activist, Fred Lojingki

"Being a 71 year old activist, i have seen with my own eyes documents whereby granting even pure Chinese the status as Bumiputera when they could not even trace indigenous blood in their family tree," he claimed in a statement here Thursday.

He claimed to have the documents to be shared with the RCI. "I could not simply reveal those names right now. But i know for sure there exist this scandal after scandal that grant certain pure Chinese this certificate in order for the recipients to use it to buy Native Title lands," Lojingki said

Lojingki who is also Star state committee member said "without prejudice, i think the Kota Kinabalu District Chief, OKK William Majimbun shall be able to enlighten us and the RCI on how rampant this scandal is over the years, and that many NT lands have transferred ownership to these newly-created Bumiputera who happen to have access to funds."

"There is even talk that even Chinese from Hong Kong and Taiwan managed to get this Bumiputera certificate through dubious means. While i have no knowledge on this one, i think it is more the reason to get it put under RCI investigation too, moreover it also affects sovereignty of Sabah.

"If true, than i can understand why Sabahan Chinese like YB Jimmy Wong, are so frustrated at what is happening to their Bumiputera certificates," he further said.

"Nevertheless, i do have documents from the National Registration Department of one particular ethnic Chinese whose parents never had a Malaysian identity cards but was granted by a Kota Kinabalu Native Court a Bumiputera status certificate anyway. This particular person had since been using her new identity to buy and accumulate NT lands.  

"This must be only the tip of the iceberg, and the RCI is the best to investigate it. I hope Prime Minister Najib Razak will look into this suggestion favorably," Lojingki added.

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  1. inilah klau native chief kdm dah gila duit, apapun boleh jadi..


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