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Non-citizens warned against 'hijacking' elections

Anwar Ibrahim Selangor Companies of Trade and Industry AssociationPKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim today warned foreigners allegedly roped in to vote in the next general election that they would be committing a crime, and they may face action if Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government.

“We are coming out to warn those who are non-citizens who have been voting illegally, we are warning them, you cannot hijack this election.

“You can take the money given to you by Umno or take whatever (that has been given), but you are not entitled to vote,” he said during a dialogue with some 1,000 business leaders and professionals in Petaling Jaya today.
Anwar was responding to claims that foreigners were being granted the right to vote in an attempt to manipulate the results of the next general election.

The opposition leader however assured that "ample notice" would be given to foreigners who had been illegally granted citizenship, before action is taken.

"If (foreigners) have been given citizenship, I will not question it, be they from Nepal, Bangladesh Indonesia.

“But if they have been given (citizenship) in a matter of years or months... we have no choice, we will give them ample warning, then we will go after them, every single one of them," he said.

No more frogs, says Anwar
On another matter the opposition leader again apologised for the series of defections from his party shortly after achieving surprise gains during the 2008 general election.

NONE"We have learnt this lesson and I take responsibility. I'm sorry for choosing unqualified and incompetent candidates that could be enticed by money or be threatened.

"Let me assure you this time round, the vetting of candidates is very stiff. I will not concede in any way until I am absolutely certain they are principled and loyal to the cause," he said.

He added that this applies particularly to parliamentary candidates, whose selection is his responsibility.

State assembly candidates however would still rely on the selection by local leaders, he said.

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