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I was 'framed' by the police - victim's testimony

I am a victim of police's abuse. After reading the incident involving Chia Buang Hing, I don't know whether I should be happy and thankful that I did not do what he did. If not, I'll be ended up like him.

This is my story.

After attending a friend's wedding dinner, we carried on the celebration at one of the pubs in Ipoh Garden East, Ipoh.

The party ended at around 2am. I was a bit drunk and decided to have a nap in my car, which I parked nearby before driving home. It was weekend and probably there were police roadblocks. There was also the danger of driving under the influence of alcohol.

At around 4am, suddenly someone knocked on my window. I looked and saw it was a police officer (A). There was a police car and another police officer (B).

I wound down the window and 'A' asked me why I was sleeping in the car. I told 'A' I was too drunk to drive home. He then asked me to step outside and to check my ID.

Thinking that I have nothing illegal in my car and that they were police officers who were suppose to be our protectors, I opened the door without hesitation and stepped outside. 'B' then approached me asking for my ID card and 'A' immediately went inside my car from the driver's side.

I saw 'A' going through the drawers and compartments in my front seat. Within seconds, 'A' came out from my car, showing me two pills in a small plastic bag in his hand. He said those were drugs he had found in my car.

Of course, I denied it. But they kept accusing me that those drugs were mine and threatened to bring me to the police station and locked me up.

Due to the nature of my job, I have to go a thorough and complete health and body examination annually, including urine and blood tests before I can obtain a health certificate to continue working.

I did not response to them and eventually, they asked me how much I wanted to pay to solve the problem. They asked me, Berapa u mau bayar? (How much do you want to pay us?).

I wanted to take this to the police station and report the matter to their superiors. But then I was thinking what if all their colleagues, including their superiors, sided with them, I could be in a very big trouble. They can even planted some more drugs in my car while I was in the police station.

I heard many stories from the newspapers and from friends about being framed by the police while at the police station. They can do anything to make you 'admit' it.

Anyway, I didn't want to lose my job and cause grief to my family. So I decided to pay them. Initially I gave them RM50, but they wanted RM100.

After the settlement, I drove home though I was still feeling drunk.

Why didn't I lodge a report? With all the unsolved deaths in the lock-up at the police station, I wouldn't dare.

I don't expect the media to do anything for me on this. I just hope that you can tell all Malaysians or even foreigners to be very careful when driving alone, especially after midnight in Malaysia. Never let a police officer into your car without someone else watching.

If you are driving alone and stopped by a police officer, it is best to call your friend to come before letting the police officer into your car or search you.

The world is a dangerous place not because of people who do evil, but because of good people who look on and do nothing about it. 
-- Albert Einstein

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