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DAP Demands apology from PM for asking Catholic Bishop to remove Crucifixes at Archbishop X’Mas function

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok is demanding an apology from the prime minister for his office's directive to rid religious elements from a Christmas celebration, which she said was "disrespectful" to Christianity. 

dj jamal hishammudin rais and teresa kok forum 
270910 08According to Kok, who is also Selangor senior exco, the Prime Minister's Office's had issued a directive for crucifixes to be removed from the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) Christmas event on 25 Dec, where Prime Minister Najib Razak was a guest. 

The directive, she said, also prohibited Christian prayers and hymns during the event that was held at the Catholic Church Archbishop's residence. 

"Najib should apologise to the Christian Federati on of Malaysia for 'de-Christianising' their Christmas celebration, that yet again denied Malaysians the right to freedom of religion," said Kok in a statement. 

"Such an order from the Prime Minister's Office shows how insincere and ungracious Najib behaved, as a guest at the celebration held at the Catholic Church Archbishop's residence. 

"It is doubtful that Najib could have been unaware that his office had issued such a directive and far more likely that he is back-pedalling after having been exposed and publicly shamed," said Kok. 

'Where is 1Malaysia?' 

church attacks sunday massThe Seputeh MP called the directive "a betrayal of the multi-ethnic, multi-religious 1Malaysia that Najib so fervent ly preaches". 

"If only Najib would match his beautifully written public relations spiel with credible action," she said. 

The Seputeh MP urges Najib to issue a public apology and to direct the government to respect Christmas traditions and the Malaysians' right to freedom of religion. 

"I hope Najib and his office can be aware that there is a deeper meaning to Christmas beyond Santa Claus and snow, and that that deeper meaning should be respected," she said.

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