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‘Anwar lied to Sabahans in 1994 too’

Luke Rintod of FMT
KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) has advised Sabahans not to be swayed by Pakatan Rakyat coalition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s “irresponsible” 100-day election promise.
Vice-president Herbert Timbon Lagadan reminded Sabahans that it was “Anwar who coined the 100-day promise of Sabah Baru” or a developed New Sabah back in 1994 to dupe Sabahans then.
“It is an irresponsible election ploy by Anwar and Pakaatn.
“Such an act is a sign of desperation on the part of the opposition which hoodwinks the people and promises anything although it knows it cannot deliver, ” said Timbon, who is also Kadamaian assemblyman.
“Every Sabahan still remembers Anwar’s fiery speeches during the 1994 state election; he raised false hope and pledged loads of developments within 100 days of taking over the government of Sabah.
“At that time Anwar was deputy prime minister and minister of finance… such is a mark of a man who is willing to believe his own lies and who is on the verge of lunacy,” he said in a statement today.

He said that Anwar was just repeating his old political stunts and was trying to fool the whole nation.
Timbon, who is Sabah’s Community Development and Consumer Affairs  Assistant Minister,  echoed Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who called Pakatan’s 100-day pledge “irresponsible”.
He warned  Sabahans to be wary of Anwar’s antics, especially when he touched on Sabah and Sarawak for he has little respect for the people in the two states.

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  1. Dasar pemimpin melayu xxx boleh dipercayai. Lidah bercabang de facto leader pkr tu amat bahaya utk org Kristian, India dan org Borneo !

    Awas2 lah kita temasuk dlm perangkapnya, tp kita kena jugalah tingu2 kalau an-war ne berubah


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