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2011 in prophecy...

By Jane Chong
1. Sultan sacks PKR Menteri Besar, Emergency declared in Selangor, direct-rule by Putrajaya.

2. PAS joins Umno-BN in Unity Government. Hadi and Nasharuddin given top posts in Putrajaya.

3 .Anwar Ibrahim “fined” RM3,000 for Sodomy II, is disqualified to contest in elections and to hold party posts, gracefully accepts economic advisor appointment in Dubai with big salary and perks. PKR is abandoned to Azmin.

4. Penang’s Lim Guan Eng chooses “the wider interests of the Penang people” and takes DAP into a Parti One Malaysia with BN.

5. Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh given top posts in Putrajaya.

6. BN-Umno makes some “concessions” to DAP, like a review of ISA.

7 .No longer “fixed deposits”, Sabah’s Musa and cronies are charged with money laundering. PM Najib forces out Sarawak strongman Taib Mahmud at threat of criminal charges on looting.

8. Sarawak BN in turmoil, Umno enters Sarawak and inherits billions.

9 .Conquered and out manoeuvred by Umno, the Sarawak and Sabah opposition parties collapse.

10. Sarawak relapses into poorest state. Sabah becomes a failed state with rampant crime, coal plant, Maliau Basin coal mine is opened and its virgin jungle logged.

11 .East Malaysians live in servitude, misery and hopelessness. Like East Europeans, they migrate westwards to survive, becoming low paid factory workers, security guards, drivers, cleaners and GROs. Back home, the land below the wind is flooded with illegals who take over their land and women.

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