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A short trip to the Lost World, Maliau Basin, Sabah

Day 1

Maliau Basin location map
By G. Patrick
Recently, I had the privilege to visit the Lost World of  Sabah, Maliau Basin… This trip involves sixteen of Sabahan nature lovers. We departed from Kota Kinabalu town on 15 October and returned by 18 October 2010. The cumulative cost for the trip was RM 4,640 which was shared equally among us. And this wasn’t including our personal expenses for the trip.

We departed from Kota Kinabalu at 0930 hours. Three four-wheel drive vehicles were involved to accommodate the 16 of us. Our route crossed Tambunan, Keningau, Sook, Nabawan and Sapulut.

0930 hours - Depart from Kota Kinabalu.
1215 hours - Arrived at Keningau, rest, lunch and buy groceries.
1315 hours - Depart from Keningau, cross-Sook, Nabawan and Sapulut.

Small town, Sook

1600 hours - Arrive at the Maliau Basin gate, registration process.
Maliau Basin gate, everyone are busy taking photos.
Thanks to Phottix wireless remote shutter, nobody  missing out of the group photo in order to operate the camera.
Me in front of Maliau Basin gate
The journey continue to Agathis Camp, where we will spend a night before proceeding to Ginseng Camp.
We stop at view point area to take photos.

Sumandak-sumandak Sabah...

1700 hours Arrive at Agathis Camp.

I'll post Day 2 activities later. Thanks for viewing..

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