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Najib, clean up Islamophobia in M'sia first

By P. Waytha Moorthy
LONDON: Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak should look into his own backyard at how the minority Malaysian Indians and the non-Malays suffer from Islamophobia through BTN, Jakim, Rela, the judiciary, Perkasa and practically every organ of the government institution against the minorities in Malaysia.

Coerced sharia law onto non-Muslims, forceful conversion, statelessness, body-snatching, direct insults similar to the cow head incident that prevails through state-sponsored institutions in Malaysia are classic examples of Islamophobia that affect the tenet of human rights in Malaysia for minorities that needs to be rectified and curtailed before Najib goes to the US to preach how to assist the Barack Obama on Islamophobia.

There are ample examples for this as per the Everest Moorthy, Indra Gandhi and Baggarama cases, the slurs against non-Muslim students by the headmistress and the latest on the issuance of a derogatory statement by a BTN official against non-Muslims.

All the above happens without a wink of an eye against the minorities in Malaysia and even more accommodated by the government, yet here we have the premier offering a publicity speech on assisting on Islamophobia in US to Obama.

Najib, your Islamophabia preaching is a 'red herring' argument whereby in doing so; you intend to mislead and distract the discussion away from the issues under debate and instead focus attention on publicity stunts.

The Islamophobia is perpetrated to the highest extent in Malaysia through your administration's practice towards the minority so how will you be able to assist Obama when you can't even clean up your own backyard?

If you look at the incidents that occur in Malaysia as discussed above, it definitely gives the credence to Ismaophobia as an irrational fear or prejudice towards Islam and Muslims seems to prevail. It is no more a theological belief system for what is humane but becomes a cult institution perpetrated by the Malaysian institution against what is a basic right for minorities.

Frankly, looking at how a majority Islam-based government in Malaysia and its organs treats its minorities in Malaysia for the last 53 years; it would enlighten any nation of its ramifications.

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