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Dr Jeffrey refuses to run for elected offices in PKR, will give others chances instead

By Jurly Dong
KOTA KINABALU: PKR Vice President, Dr Jeffrey Kitingan announced in a press conference in Kota Kinabalu today, he is pulling out from the race to be in the Party national line-up, citing giving others chance to serve as VP as reason.

Jeffrey, told a press luncheon at Magellan Sutera Harbor here, he duly acknowledged the about 40 nominations for him to vie for the post of vice president but said he would not be in it this time.

This has fueled speculation the maverick politician has something up his sleeves.

Talks of him leaving PKR resurfaced in recent days with some claiming he is eyeing a dormant Parti Setia, teaming with Datuk Lajim Ukin, currently an UMNO deputy minister in Najib Razak cabinet.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey's trusted aide Evelyn Gobile who was among those present at the press conference, also announced her decision to pull out from contesting a slot as PKR  Woman Exco.

She said she would support Rosalind Bion, who was also present, for a seat in the Party woman's exco lineup. 

The press conference was not without a light drama for when PKR supreme council member Christina Liew, came in in the midst of the conference, she appeared taken aback when she found out of the former's decision, pleading with him to retract the decision to pull out.

Jeffrey however went on to say that his struggle had never been about party posts and position but about Sabah and Sarawak rights and autonomy.

"The political interest of Sabah and Sarawak is of my highest concern. I have been a vice president and there is no point hogging at a post where no one listens to you," he said giving a glimpse of the true reason he is not seeking that post.

Saying he could still work together with other leaders within PKR, Jeffrey also called on the party's leadership to do some soul-searching and examine his or her conscience, including on the marred party polls which had highlighted some of the more serious flaws in the party.

Immediately after Jeffrey finished his announcement today, three of his allies present, namely Guandee Kohoi, Bernard Solibun and Philip Among, also withdrew from seeking a place in the Party's supreme council.

They, however, quickly retracted their announcement when another of Jeffrey's ally, Dr Nicholas James Guntobon, said he would accept the nomination to contest for a vice head post in PKR Youth.

After their luncheon with press later, they all proceeded to the PKR State Liaison Office in Penampang to officially fill up acceptance forms to contest.


  1. Raja Putra KimaragangOctober 17, 2010 at 7:45 AM

    Jangan lah picaya anwar penipu tu dasar malayu malaya meloya mimang menipu orang borneo saja itu... mudahan dia pigi jaii... supaya dia jadi budak baik...kih kih

  2. Buatlah parti baru atau ambil alih mana mana parti,, kita team up sama SAPP.. hentam UMNO dan PKR semua parti semenanjung yg tiada guna tu...
    Apa tunggu lagi Dr


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