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Batu Sapi MP killed in road mishap, paves for a testy by-election

By Ezra Haganez
JESSELTON (nka KOTA KINABALU): The Member of Parliament for Batu Sapi (in Sandakan area), Edmund Chong Ket Wah, 54, of PBS was killed in a road mishap not far from the Sutera Harbour Resort here near noon Saturday, paving for a testy by-election, the first in Sabah since the last general election March 2008.

The two-term MP who was PBS Treasurer-General, was riding a high powered motorbike heading to city centre when he collided with a Mercedez Benz which was also on the same lane at the two lane coastal road.

On impact, Chong was thrown off his bike about five metres away, severely injuring his head. Judging from photos in the newspapers, sprawled in a pool of blood, he must have lost pints of bloods at the accident spot.

This will pave the way for a by-election in Batu Sapi, a first for Sabah since the last general election in March 2008.

In the last poll, Chong won the mix-seat by a comfortable majority of 3,708 votes. He polled 9,479 againts an independent challenger Chung Kwong Wing who garnered 5,771 votes.

DAP, PKR and SAPP are believed to be keen to contest this by-election.  Independents may also enter the fray.

At this moment, it is still mystery as to how the three parties will accommodate each other's pride while they too know they cannot be fighting each other if they are to deny victory to their common enemy, the ruling Barisan Nasional.

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