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Federal Government or Colony Government

By Antonia Chiam

Top Federal dept post: Situation causes dissatisfaction
KUCHING: Government officials from Sarawak are not given ample opportunity to hold high positions in federal-level departments even though they possess the qualifications to do so.

Nancy Shukri
This situation has caused dissatisfaction among civil servants in the federal departments in Sarawak, causing a decline in their commitment, said Batang Sadong MP Nancy Shukri.
During the recent Budget 2010 debate, she said the government’s move to replace the competency level evaluation system with a more suitable one was laudable.

DayakBaru thoughts
Sarawakian Civil servants are treated as secondary to  those from Malaya
Under the 18 point agreement the Sarawak Civil service should be turn over to Sarawakian. Now we have Sarawakian working in the Federal Department but ALL their bosses in Sarawak are from Malaya. The civil servants felt that their contribution and participation in the civil service is not appreciated. The question that arise now is ” why are Sarawakian working in the civil service treated like second class government servant?” This has led to the perception that Sarawak is treated like a colony to Malaya instead of an equalpartner in Malaysia.

Can a Sarawakian be a Prime Minister of Malaysia?
I can understand the political view that Sarawakian will always feel like a colony because as it is “Sarawakian can never become a Prime Minister of Malaysia”. Simply put, UMNO political power is overwhelming and UMNO insist that Sarawak political leaders must tow UMNO policies. The implementation of such policies is guided and organized by the Civil servant from Malaya. Thus, despite knowing that Dayak are also bumiputera, we witness the implementation is toward Malay and Muslim.
Dayak did not agree to join Malaysia  to be treated a class below anybody. That is the problem we are facing today because UMNO has a policy based on racial differentiation.

How can we stop this double standard practices by Malaya?
Actually, the Federal Government must have the will to make this change to improve the position of qualified Sarawakian and be promoted within the Federal Civil service. I cannot think off any Sarawakian who has been made Sec Gen of Ministry or even Director – General of Federal Department. We have all been to University together with the Malay and it would be a myth to say that they are are more clever then Sarawakian. It all fall back to opportunities given.
Why didn’t the Federal government give Sarawakian civil servant to raise up in their position and make them take senior position in the Federal Civil Service. Is Malaya afraid of Sarawakian?  Does Malaya see that Sarawakian as second class citizen with second class mentality? Does Federalgovernment got carried away by Ketuanan Melayu policies of UMNO?

If this situation persist and now 47 years has gone by with no solution in sight, what would be Sarawak next step?
The Sarawak Government is formed by BN and they are supposed to be able to talk to UMNO and solve this problem. In this matter, a Sarawak MP has brought the matter to Parliament and do we expect result. We cannot accept such response as please be patient as the waiting is overdue.
Meaning, even working within the Government system is useless because the UMNO leaders are not comfortable of sharing the “bumiputera” special position with Sarawakian. If that is the case, can we choose another political vehicle to work withus Sarawakian and solve this problem.
I think Sarawakian must not be helpless and timid on such issues. this is the fundamental of nationhood to be given equal opportunities. If the civil service is made “political” then I can understand that the discrimination. But the civil service is the government vehicle to implement and monitor its policies and why should the Sarawakian be discriminated upon?
This DayakBaru is one of the reason for a Change WE Must. We have used the “inside” channel to solve this problem but the power there is refuse to listen and act upon our gentle request.
Are we indeedgiving uptoo much to Malaya and getting too little in return for our cooperation build this nation? You ponder on that!
She also pointed to unfairness in the private sector which had not given enough opportunities for women to reach decision-making levels.
The situation is comparatively different to the situation of women in the public sector, which reached a very promising level of 30.5 per cent.
She stressed that the role of women should be elevated not only in government departments but also in politics and other fields through a quota system.
“Also, I would like to urge the government to give some kind of incentive in the form of tax exemption if corporate bodies create opportunities for women to become decision makers,” said Nancy in a press statement.
She believed that this could be achieved with the help of the Women, Family and Society Development Ministry under Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.
On the constant reports about children who died in childcare centres due to negligence, Nancy urged the ministry to be stricter in monitoring the operations of such facilities.
“This can be done by ensuring that every worker at the centres gets training appropriate to their responsibilities,” she said.
She also lauded the government for allocating RM1.2 billion to the ministry to conduct programmes related to welfare, children, the disabled, single mothers and other women.
She also recommended that every entrepreneur programme for single mothers gets cooperation from non-governmental organisations, which would allow hands-on training for those who are really keen to become entrepreneurs.
Successful entrepreneurs can be mentors to the single mothers who aspire to be entrepreneurs so that the effectiveness of the allocation can be accessed, said Nancy who is also the Sarawak Federation of Women Society chairman.
Meanwhile, she believes that in the effort to cultivate patriotism, the Foreign Affairs Ministry should take steps to celebrate Malaysia Day.

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