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The failures of Dr Mahathir Mohamad

In The Star today it was reported that Dr. Mahathir admitted that one of his failures during his 22 years as Prime Minister was his administration's inability to rehabilitate and develope Kampung Baru. What a gracious leader to admit his failures. Well, since the old man started it and since we Malaysians love lists let's continue where he left off.  Come on. Add to his list of failures. Put your contributions in the comments section and I will update them here. Have fun!
He failed to improve the Education system of Secondary and Universities in this country. Actually it became worst! 

He failed to improve the economic status of most Malays in this country. Proton is still crap! Corruption became worst!! Police force is a joke! the only bigger joke in this country is our Courts and Judiciary! 
Boo-hoo-hoo...sniff...sniff...I failed!

He failed to save his son's venture in Konsortium Perkapalan? Oh wait, wait, he did.

The most tragic failure of mahalingam's rule is his failure to commit suicide to spare us his sham tears. Kg Baru would today be developed if his family had been given half the land.

He failed to make Ringgit stronger than Sing dollar. 

With his superb acting ability and ethnic background, this mamak failed to go to Bollywood. He would have made a good kerala clown. 

He failed to develop incentives and a process that would encourage talented Malaysians and Expats to stay and contribute to this country's future, and their counterparts overseas to return. 

I can't contribute to your list of his failures, but I can list some of his more memorable achievements, they are:
1. Increasing number of fat croonies
2. More White Elphants roaming in Putrajaya. 
3. buying loads of useless expensive defence.
4. Buying out his son's company with yours and my money.
5. Spend my reirement funds for 1/2 priced stocks.
6. Increasing outflow of local talents.
7. perfecting d art of racial disciminaion.
8. dismantling our judiciary and cultivating yes-mans.
9. entertaining us with sodomygate-1
10. neutralising the royal families.

I would rather list his successes:
1. raped and sodomized the civil service, the judiciary,the A-G Chambers, PDRM, SPR, etc..
2. stole RM100b from the national wealth
3. blocked the suits by Memali villagers for wrongful deaths
4. bonsai the minds of the Malays 

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