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Focus on more pressing issues than 'Dayak' or 'Momogun', says Warisan leader

                                  Mudi Dubing

PENSIANGAN : A Parti Warisan leader has called on the KDM leaders in the Unity Government to focus their energy to solve more pressing issues affecting the communities instead of continously talking about categorising themselves generically either as Momogun or Dayak. 

Warisan Supreme Council Member, Mudi Dubing, said affirmative actions are desperately needed to uplift the living standards of the KDM communities, especially in the Interior, who are lagging far behind in terms of education, economy and infrastructures development. 

"All the major KDM-based political parties in the likes of PBS, Star, Upko and PBRS are now in the Unity Government so there should be no more of those 'conditions' such as the Federal Government require the KDM communities' political support to realise the changes they longed for," he said in a statement here today. 

Hence, he said, it is the right time for the KDM leaders from these parties to demand affirmative action on issues affecting the KDM communities such as land grabbing, poverty,  deplorable roads, dilapidated schools, unsafe bridges, mismatched employment, internet connectivity and so on. 

"I also find it very untimely to debate the categorization now in view that SLS's hearing on the 40% entitlement is scheduled on the 16th May and as we know, this matter (and MA63) is very close to the heart of the KDM communities, especially in the Interior, due to its manifestation in Batu Sumpah.

"The debate is distracting at a time when the KDM communities should be coming out to support SLS because for the first time ever, a reputable and authoritative organisation is demanding the Government to honour what our founding forefathers wanted for us to have in return for them agreeing to form the Federation of Malaysia," he further said. 

Mudi who is also the Warisan Pensiangan Division Chief, said despite financial constraint, his division will be sending its delegation to the hearing on 16th May to support SLS. 

"Pensiangan maybe the farthest and one of the poorest districts in Sabah and one can imagine how tough it will be for our delegation to go through hills or rivers and travel all the way to Kota Kinabalu to attend the hearing using our own expenses. 

"But we don't want to miss this defining moment for Sabah and being made up mostly of farmers, our delegation have nothing to give to SLS except by showing our support to them by being there," he added.#

Even if nobody will be supporting SLS in this hearing, Warisan Pensiangan is proud to say that we are solidly behind them because they are doing the right thing for Sabah," he concluded. 

12 MAY 2024 

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