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NO to Public Assembly Act Protest

By Ezra Haganez

PENAMPANG: About 100 activists and supporters of three causes gathered and laid three wreaths at the statue monument of the late Peter Joinod Mojuntin, often called as the golden son of the Kadazandusuns (for his valor and sharp vision) at Donggongon Square here today, Nov 29.

First at 11.30am they moved towards the statue under the watchful eyes but ever accommodating about 30 policemen who were stationed around the square. The activists then sang the state anthem "Sabah Tanah Airku" followed by senior leaders leading the crowd to a three bows before the commanding statue before simultaneously laying the three wreaths.

The crowds then started to hold up placards and a banner that among others said slogans to protest the proposed Peaceful Assembly Bill, the rising land-grabs in Sabah and the Federal refusal to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to investigate why the state is being flooded by illegal immigrants, fake identity documents and phantom voters.

Among the senior leaders who turned up were Melanie Chia, state assemblywoman for Luyang from SAPP, well-known local activist Patrick Sindu, Daniel John Jambun who represented UBF Chairman Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, Cleftus Mojingol of MoCS Sabah, Chua Men Nam, a son of a local successful trader who is also President of Sabah Small Rubberholders Association, and lawyer Peter Marajin.

The organiser of the event were a group of 13 NGOs and political parties (SAPP and Parti Sosialis Malaysia - PSM), who set up a loose committee helmed by state activists Kanul Gindol, Michael Liew (MCLM) and Daniel John Jambun CigMa).

Among the NGOs involved or represented were PACOS, United Borneo Front (UBF), Borneo Heritage Foundation (BHF), Gindol Initiative for Civil Society Borneo, Transparency International, MAFREL, Sabah Pogun Tokou Society, Land-Grabs Victims Association, MoCS Sabah chapter, and AWAS.

All photos are courtesy of David Chin


  1. Unbelievable after 35 years since 1976 whereby be it a coincidence or whatsoever 29th November 2011 would be made a memorial day whereby sabahan truly gathered here for a good purpose they protest to stand with the truth and wisdom.
    More meaningful is done at a location with the memorial monument of statue of Datuk Peter Joinod Mojuntin,the golden son of the Kadazandusuns (for his valor and sharp vision)stand.His spirit will be inherited on for the coming mission and vision to every true sabahan for Sabah.
    This place should be a spot to roll over as a 'Free Speaker Stand' for many to hear sabahan's voice indeed if God Willing.
    Let us be blessed for a better days ahead!

  2. 'Free Speaker Stand' a very ideal location....

    If BN, UMNO or present CM can't allow it then shouldn't it become a pledge by next 'CM to be' after the 'change'?

    Walk out the first step for...Sabah with NEW HOPE!


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