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DAP needs a lesson on skin colour

By Joe Fernandez
It is interesting that DAP’s Pantai Remis state assemblyman and Taiping MP Nga Kor Ming should use the term “black” recently to refer to Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir. May God have mercy on those black souls responsible for the Perak power grab.

Whites will naturally see Nga’s remark as a case of the pot calling the kettle black. They would probably die laughing at “the freaky blackies making comparisons of their respective skin tones among themselves”. The fact is the whites are the ones who are the real freaks of nature.

In the extreme politics of race, any white – racist or otherwise – will tell you that anyone who is not white is black. Black, in the wider political use of the term by whites, includes anything from brown and red to yellow and gold.

For example, a person can appear as white as snow, but if he has even a drop of black blood running somewhere in his veins, he is considered black by the whites of this world. His black past will sooner or later catch up with him in his white present to haunt his black future.

The acid test will come when such a person marries a “white white” person only to discover that their child, in a genetic throwback to as far as even 500 years or further back, comes out suspiciously looking less than white. It is at this point that the cat will be out of the bag.

They tell the story of a Han Chinese girl somewhere in a village in western China who gave birth to a blond-haired, blue-eyed, snow-white baby. Her husband was Han Chinese like her.

Village elders were puzzled because there was no white around for thousands of miles.

They diligently looked through the village records and discovered to their surprise, shock and awe, if not horror, that a passing Russian general bedded a local girl some 500 years before.

If genetic throwback can bring out the white in a person, it can also bring out the black in one.

Mystical ‘black blood’

The preoccupation of the whites is not with blacks discovering the white in them but a white discovering, horror of all horrors, the black in him. Hence, better to be safe than sorry by drawing that line in the sand: he who has even a drop of black blood is black no matter how white he looks.

A white can be as tanned as tan can be and still be considered white because he does not have that mystical “black blood” which makes all white men live in fear for their women.

Again, there is nothing in between white and black. There are no greys, browns, red skins, yellow skins or gold skins. All these are considered black in the language of the whites, since there is some colour. The various shades do not make any difference to the whites. They consider themselves a breed apart, which in itself is non-science, or nonsense.

The whites cannot consider themselves superior to the black because, both being of the same species, there is no genetic barrier to breeding between them, unlike between man and the great apes. If a man were to jump on a great ape in a moment of fantasy or sexual frustration, nothing will happen. Millions of years of evolution – with apologies to creationists – set them apart.

The proof of the human species: if the blackest man in the deepest jungle of Congo were to jump on a blondie in Iceland, little Johnny or little Jenny will be bawling his or her way into the world 40 weeks later.

If superiority is an issue, science tells us that the black man from East Africa is physically the most superior of the human species. This is because all 23 genetic variations of humans can be found in East Africa. The grey matter, or the apparent lack of it among many, is of course another issue, but science again comes to the rescue by declaring that “intelligence, as we define it, does not exist”.

By comparison, people in Europe come from only three genetic variations.

Three great waves

According to the Out of Africa theory, man originated in East Africa and made his way out of that great continent in three great waves. DNA studies have since established this.

The first wave out of East Africa along the coasts of Africa, Arabia and India saw the Orang Asli – who emerged as the yellow race after specialisation – reaching Malaya and ultimately the aborigines – archaic whites after specialisation – arriving in Australia.

The second great wave out of East Africa saw the migrants stop over in Afghanistan.

From Afghanistan, they branched into two. One branch entered India and made their way to the extreme south of the subcontinent to emerge, in the course of specialisation, as the Dravidians or archaic whites.

The other branch entered Yunnan, from where it again branched into two, with one making for South China and the other heading to North China, both eventually emerging as Mongoloids after specialisation.

The group in South India got on the move again, along the coast, and made their way to South China and Taiwan, where they mated with the local tribes. It is from this mixing of the yellow and the archaic white that all the people of Southeast Asia are descended. They are generally considered Mongoloids.

The third and final great wave out of East Africa saw the migrants convene in Central Asia. From there, they broke into three branches. The first branch made their way northeast and entered the Americas to become, after specialisation as Mongoloids, the Natives or first settlers of that great continent.

The second branch entered Iran as Aryans, after specialisation as new whites. While some of the branch remained in Iran, the rest entered India and spread all over the continent in an admixture with the earlier Dravidians.

The third branch in Central Asia – only three families – entered Europe. All Europeans are descended from these three families. The people of the continent must have gone through a long period of inbreeding before the advent of Christianity forbade marriage between close relatives.

In any case, Zambry must be commended for not bleaching his skin, as most Indian Muslims do, to pass off as “brown-skinned” and therefore “Malay”. This is in line with the popular perception in Peninsular Malaysia that “anything brown is Malay, and that anything black must be Indian”. Zambry is proud of who he is and for that he deserves every praise.

Or, it could be that even bleaching will not help Zambry with his complexion, the problem obviously being too deep-rooted to offer any “remedy”. But let’s not go there too much.

Let us look to America, where millions proudly identify themselves as black even if some look as white as snow. For example, US President Barrack Hussein Obama – black father, white mother – does not call himself white or Euro-African or Afro-European, but black.

After all this, it is difficult to fathom the point that Nga was trying to make. We learn that he actually made his offensive remarks during a ceramah in Kamunting in September. The recording of it has only now gone online.

He may have been trying to point out that Zambry is an Indian who has no business being in a Malay party and passing off as Malay to be Menteri Besar. That might be hitting a little below the belt, since Islam speaks of the brotherhood of man.

If the Malays want to elect an Indian as their leader on the basis of a common faith, no one should throw stones at them.

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