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Chilling Report From Brussels

Hope all is well down in Borneo.
I have just read the entire Geert Wilders speech and I must admit his account of the islam migration related events in Europe is no news for me, it is merely a summary of what we all experience every day. It is 100% correct that non Muslim women are insulted regularly by them, the local women being called whores or harrassed on the streets. In some towns in northern Europe blonde women dye their hair black so they are not too conspicuous when being noticed by muslims.
Several weeks ago there was an incident in a Belgian city where a young Moroccon had broken into a house with an accomplice, threatened an old couple and forced them to open a safety deposit box. The 84-year-old man, however, took a knife and drove it into the perpetrator's throat with full aplomb, killing him instantly. In the wake of this event, a case of quintessential self-defence, the Moroccon community took to the streets and wreaked some havoc, holding the locals responsible for this murder! They even wanted to turn this into a huge protest march through the city, to tell the world that killing of a young Moroccon boy is an example of sheer racism. They seem to forget however, that this boy broke into a house, and used violence. On top of that he had a massive criminal record with numerous violent offences on it. But after committing a crime justice put him back onto the streets every time. The victims of this crime, cannot return to their dwelling anymore, for fear of retaliation.
A couple of days ago, a horrible event in my circle of friends took place: a young boy whom I know well, went for a drink with a friend in a muslim neighbourhood in Brussels and when they returned home they accidentally backed up into a Moroccon's BMW, scratching its bumper. The brawny owner and his friends had seen this, wanted to give them a good beating, but my friend managed to drive off before they could grab hold of him. They chased his tatty old car with their BMW, bumped into it, causing the car to weave and smack into three parked cars. The Moroccons dragged my stunned friends out of the wreckage and beat them up so badly that one of the boys had one side of his cranium shattered as well as his jawbone. They were left for dead and were later found and taken to hospital. The one boy is still struggling in hospital and his shattered bones will be replaced by metal parts, which involves plastic surgery and a slow painful recovery. The police was informed but claimed this is daily business and this case would be dismissed immediately. My friend's friend however, will bear the scars and feel the pain for the rest of his life.
So you see that Europe is going down, and the locals are no match for the cocky attitude and heinous crimes caused by the ever-increasing muslim population. Since Europe has not known any violence since WW2, people are not used to it and are frightened when exposed to it. They do not defend themselves and if they do so, they will most probably lose. One must bear in mind, that a large part of the muslim male community is involved in sports like kickboxing and muay thai, as these skills come in handy when getting into a street fight. It is remarkable that these sports clubs mainly consist of muslims. Religion of the sword?
I have not got the slightest inkling of what will happen to Europe in the future, but the major cities are populated by muslims and their percentage is increasing fast. It is not a pleasant experience for the locals, who have to put up with their extremely annoying behaviour. This has to stop if we would like to continue living here. The question is, how to tackle this delicate matter?

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