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Is heaven made of stupid people?

NOV 2 — I’m sure people had a field day laughing when the supposed Rapture didn’t happen May 21.

But I have a hard time laughing when PAS Youth again proves it has nothing better to do by objecting to a concert.

Leave Elton John alone, why don’t you? And Adam Lambert as well while you are at it.

I keep meeting and hearing from people who believe it’s their sacred duty to makeover the country into an image of holiness.

The thing people conveniently forget is that not everyone believes in the same god, creed or way of life. No matter how much a certain religious party claims their proposed dickering with the law won’t affect non-Muslims, we all know that’s bull.

Take, for instance, the fixation some quarters have in testing everything from Tabasco sauce to macaroni, just to make sure it doesn’t have pig DNA.

Tabasco sauce is now non-halal? It’s made of peppers, salt and vinegar. Please advise me which of those ingredients comes from a non-halal animal. What the heck is wrong with this country? Is there some absurd conspiracy to eventually declare all imported goods non-halal so locals will be forced to buy local?

What will these people then do when in other countries? Sure, Muslims can technically eat at Jewish kosher establishments but wait, aren’t we by our foreign policy (and the way some idiot politicians act) anti-Semitic? If you listen to some ex-prime minister’s blather, the Jews are to blame for everything.

I can understand having a stand against Zionism or poor handling of Palestine. But I don’t understand the need to be so blatantly anti-Semitic. Not all Jews live in Israel. Not all Jews support the Zionist cause. So to paint the entire race as destroyers of the world economy and enemy of God believers, is frankly idiotic.

If Jews really did like money all that much, they’d be too busy making it instead of destroying Islam. The way PAS and Umno crazies go about it, it seems like the Jews and non-Muslims are enemies of Islam, Malays and the continued popularity of Mastika.

Little wonder atheists make fun of religion. It seems to make people stupid. And I’m more than a little tired of having to listen to and obey stupid people just because they claim to be doing God’s work.

If certain parties succeed in making Malaysia their own little kingdom of heaven, I’m moving to Nepal and herding goats. Goats are infinitely better company than most Malaysian politicians.

* The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist.

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