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Reverse Takeover Of Sabah Already Underway -- Jeffrey

KOTA KINABALU:  The United Borneo Front (UBF) believes Sabah will soon drown under the weight of the illegal immigrants unless the government carries out a commission of inquiry (RCI) on the problem and takes firm steps to solve it.
UBF Chairman, Datuk dr. Jeffrey Kitingan was saying in statement here in response to what he said was “shocking” announcement by the secretary general of the Women, Family and Community Ministry, Datuk Dr. Noorul Ainur Mohd Nur that locals are outnumbered by the immigrant population in the Kinabatangan district, where there are 117,689 foreigners compared to 32,638 locals.
“The problem is so serious that in every district we can clearly see that the immigrant population is growing, while the percentage of locals are going down,” he said. “It’s time we admitted that the process towards a reverse takeover of Sabah is already underway.”
He finds it unbelievable that the federal government can keep sitting on the problem in persistent denial, while the demographic of Sabah is quickly being reversed to favour aliens. “When is the government, which is supposedly very concerned about security problems to the point of arresting its own people under the ISA, going to act once and for all to stamp out the problem?” he asked. “The government simply must listen to the demands for an RCI the matter and enforce the laws or we will all be finished!”
“The number one reason why the government must carry out an RCI is that it is obvious the government can no longer contain the problem by using the conventional government routines of casual law enforcements,” he added. “So it must step out from its longstanding state of denial and neglect, and do what is now vital for the survival of Sabah.”
He found it incredible that the government can keep denying the problems when illegals are seen everywhere on the streets of Sabah, and even in the interiors of all districts. “We have also given a long list of proofs and all the opposition parties and all the Barisan Nasional components, including Sabah Umno leaders, have demanded for an RCI,” he pointed out. “But the federal government refuses to do what is necessary to solve the problem effectively.”
He is of the opinion that the state committee on illegal immigrants to be headed by Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan will be a toothless committee because it will have no power of arrest and no authority to direct the police and the army to act. “It is just another eyewash to hoodwink the people prior to the general elections,” he said.
“Because they have been given the power to vote through dubious means, the illegals have now infiltrated the electoral rolls and are deciding the future of the country,” he lamented. “I appeal to the government not to destroy the country just because the leaders want to use the illegals to stay in power.”

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  1. Anyone who could free Sabah will be the President ! Any taker??


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