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PPSMI: Sometimes Dr M makes sense

The former premier (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) says science is a dynamic subject and it was better to teach the subject in the English language.

It is never too late if the government wants to reintroduce the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) in primary schools, although it has decided to fully use Bahasa Malaysia in 2016, said Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The Truth of SAS issue revealed

An eternal mockery of the anti-corruption move by the Malaysian government 
1. This letter is written with a view to disclosing the TRUTH hidden in the disastrous loss of SAS, which has been twice rejected the presentation of TRUTH in White Paper by the overwhelming majority of BN assemblymen at the Sabah State Assembly.

2. At first glance, you would come to the simple (as kindergarten) conclusion that "I am from SAPP" and "I am speaking for Yong Teck Lee". My simple and instant reply is: Bullshit!! Let me tell you this: I've never been a SAPP member and neither am I paid / or instructed to write!

Sabah Railway ....Why NOT make it better?

By Datuk Richard Yong

The initiative of Robert Mojolou who filed an application for leave for judicial review at the high Court Registry on Friday with regard to the government’s intention to close all illegal crossing will trigger some hard thinking.

Does the government think simply by closing of all illegal crossings is “the” solution to this problematic railway service? Is the government handling the illegal crossings like the way they handle the never ending illegal immigrant problems?

Final Warning: Malaysia may be bankrupt sooner than 2019

Maclean Patrick

Alarm bells should be sounding by now, yet the nation’s leaders seem to be adamant on keeping things sounding rosy and well. The Auditor-General’s Report for 2010 has shown how far down the barrel, Malaysia has gone.

It must be noted that when Malaysia was formed in 1963, the British left her with a solid administrative template. Yet, after more than 50 years of rule by Barisan Nasional, the template has not been improved on. In fact, it has gone to the dogs; replaced instead by a form of government that encourages leakages and corruption of all forms.

Benarkah Kita, ‘Stupid Sabahan?’

SAYA adalah seorang Dusun yang bekerja di sebuah pusat peranginan lima bintang yang terletak di Tanjung Aru dan ingin mendedahkan tingkah laku sesetengah pengurus kami yang amat menghina orang Sabah.

Hotel ini telah menggaji seorang Chef Australia dua tahun lalu dan saya kesal kerana Chef ini kerap memarahi pekerja lain dengan perkataan seperti ‘Stupid Sabahan’.

Mekah bagaikan medan perang bagi Najib dan Rosmah

By Anak Sungai Derhaka

Mekah bagaikan medan perang bagi Najib dan Rosmah.. bergerak sambil dikelilingi oleh hampir 20 anggota Keselamatan Arab Saudi.

Najib Nicked At Chogm, Perth.

Is heaven made of stupid people?

NOV 2 — I’m sure people had a field day laughing when the supposed Rapture didn’t happen May 21.

But I have a hard time laughing when PAS Youth again proves it has nothing better to do by objecting to a concert.

Leave Elton John alone, why don’t you? And Adam Lambert as well while you are at it.

I keep meeting and hearing from people who believe it’s their sacred duty to makeover the country into an image of holiness.

Sabah train tragedy

Despite spending millions of ringgit, some of the automatic
gates at major railway crossings are not functioning.

KOTA KINABALU: The morning after the train crash outside the Kota Kimabalu International Airport here has provoked fear and anger among city residents, with many saying that “it was an accident just waiting to happen”.

Widespread dissatisfaction and complaints have been brewing for years now over the railway line that has been plagued by controversy since the government approved a contract to upgrade the tracks a few years ago.

‘Natives can stay in forest reserves’

Natives have the right to stay in their villagers which have
been 'awarded' to companies for oil palm plantations.
By Luke Rintod of FMT
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah natives who have suddenly discovered that their kampungs are within gazetted forest reserves or inside the newly-created Forest Managament Unit (FMU) have every right under Sabah law to continue living in their villagers without being harassed by the authorities.

Former Chief Minister Yong Teck Lee said the state government had acknowledged the villager’s right in April.

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