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Word Allah: PM Anwar should not confuse people


Kota Kinabalu : Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's statement that only Sarawak is allowed to use Allah lacks substance, created more confusion and seen distancing himself from upholding and respecting the rule of law. 

He ought to be reminded that there is no such thing as monopoly of truth. 

No gov't or court can tell a person what he or she should or should not call God.

God has no religion, Federal Court implied Allah Muslim, cannot be Christian . . .

God -- subtle force which permeates everything as reality, reality defined as no beginning, no end, always was, always will be -- and Word of God are synonymous!

God isn't person, individual, ego, I.

Word of God remains about eternal laws based on eternal Truth.

Karma -- the law of cause and effect -- is the 1st eternal law based on eternal Truth.

The court has no jurisdiction on God. It can't get into theology.

The court of law is only about law.

In jurisprudence, God isn't source in law.

Law must have source for jurisdiction, authority and power.

In the case of customary practices and customary and industry practices, i.e. force of law, the court of law has jurisdiction.

The Jill Ireland Ruling, based on the 1986 Consensus in Cabinet on Allah, came about after the Home Ministry disregarded the court's advice that the issue be settled out of court, and stated that the Ruling in the Herald case stands.

In law, Article 8, there can be no discrimination save perhaps as provided by law as evident in Article 153, the New Economic Policy (NEP), quota system and Licence Raj from socialist India.

In fact, there's some confusion on the Herald Ruling i.e. whether it was based on public order and security or the principle in law cited from the Ananda Marg case in India. It was used as Advisory Opinion since there was lacuna (gap) in local law.

In the Ananda Marg case, the Supreme Court of India said that it was not integral in the practice for devotees to dance in the streets of Calcutta. The court did not say the devotees could not dance away from the streets.

In the Herald case, the Federal Court implied that Allah was Muslim God and that it wasn't integral in the Christian faith to use Allah for the Christian God.

Christians in Borneo, like Christian Arab, have been using Allah for hundreds of years (Borneo) and thousands of years (Arab).

Sikh use Allah.

The Herald case was actually about the use of Allah in Malay print, presumably for the Christian God implied by the Federal Court.#

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