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A reader's comment:
"The word “Allah” is a generic word in Arabic and also used by various groups of people in Middle East that predates Islam with various versions. This term is commonly used by those who believe that there’s only ONE GOD. The subject was a non-issue before in Malaysia and especially in Borneo. It was because people well understood what it meant and respected each other’s faith and culture / tradition. Back then I have known none of my Moslem friends and relatives becoming Christians… and still now… only in the last one decade or so this term suddenly becoming a sensitive one for reason known to those who “against” the usage by non-Moslems.. We could live in harmony before by respecting each other’s faith without restriction on who could use what term for his / her god… why cannot we do that now. Are we admitting that our country is no longer the Malaysia which our forefathers envisioned for? If that is the truth, what shall be the way forward for Malaysia?"

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