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Rahman Should Help Solve Problems Not Blame Sabahans

Kota Kinabalu: “The federal Minister Datuk Rahman Dahlan should help find solutions and openly declare his intention instead of making insinuating statements defending the federal government and blaming everything on Sabahans to deflect blame from the government” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, in response to the Minister’s various press statements on the RCI Report.            

If Rahman is defending his federal bosses and the federal government in Putrajaya, he should provide concrete proof and not make wild accusations and sweeping statements.  

On the previous occasion, he had alleged that the federal government had provided RM22.1 billion in allocations for Sabah in 2012-2013 but could not provide a single shred of evidence of the alleged allocations.

If he is eyeing the Chief Ministership of Sabah or a higher and more important ministerial position, he need not disguise himself with his statements that are self-defeating.   He should just go and meet the Prime Minister and ask for the positions or other benefits.

It is extremely disappointing for Sabahans to read his statements which offend Sabahans more and make them angrier of the federal government.  He tells Sabahans not to point fingers and accuse the federal government and past leaders on Project IC, yet he points his fingers on Sabahans and blaming them for the illegal immigrants problem.

Sabah and Malaysia would not be in this mess today if the federal government did not give ICs and MyKads to illegible foreigners and did not enter them into the electoral rolls even if their relatives had helped them come into Sabah or that there were abuses in applications.

In his eagerness to nail Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for his involvement in Project IC, Rahman had inadvertently let the cat out of the bag.   If he is saying that Anwar cannot deny that he has the knowledge, then it can only mean that Project IC exists whether Anwar knows or not.

A RCI member has now reiterated that nowhere in the RCI Report is it stated that the government in not involved in Project IC which probably existed.

Rahman should now not play politics in defending his Umno bosses that the government is not involved but focus on the task as federal minister from Sabah and guide the federal Cabinet to formulate solutions to solve the illegally issued ICs and MyKads and illegal voters.

There is no reason why the illegals problems cannot be solved unless the Umno/BN government wish to continue to flood Sabah with immigrants and keep them as voters for the Umno/BN to remain in government.

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