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PBS Actions Should Be Respected and Supported But ….

Kota Kinabalu: “The actions of PBS including the lodging of police reports in prodding the federal authorities to pursue further actions on the wrong-doing as highlighted in the RCI Report ought to be respected and supported by all Malaysians, more so by right thinking Sabahans” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, in response to news of police reports being lodged by PBS representatives on the RCI Report.            

This is totally contrary to the other Umno leaders from Sabah who are aiding and abetting the Malayan leaders to continue to strangle and control Sabah as an internal colony.   They even
blame Sabahans for the illegal immigrants being given ICs and MyKads illegally and making their ways into the electoral rolls illegally when it is the federal authorities that are in control.

It is not surprising that the general public opinion is that Umno cannot be trusted to look after Sabah’s rights and interests.   Further, Sabah Umno leaders are viewed as proxies and stooges and brainless mouthpieces of their leaders in Putrajaya.

Many Sabahans are actually now clamouring for the rejection of Umno in Sabah like the situation in Sarawak.   

It is the only way of stopping not only the internal colonization of Sabah and the rape and pillage of its oil and rich resources and revenues.  And it will also stop the racial and religious dirty politics from being imported from the Peninsula which will disrupt, divide and damage the harmonious multi-ethnic and multi-racial way of life in idyllic Sabah.

The stage is now set for action to be taken or not taken both by the federal government and PBS itself.

“Will the federal government and the Home Ministry with its security agencies be going after the culprits behind “Project IC” or “Ops Durian Buruk” that have critically damaged Sabah and sold out the country?”

“Will they arrest the culprits involved which PAS Sabah have asked for them to be hanged for treason?”  Or  “Will they instead carry out their threats to arrest Sabah nationalists and activists that are crying out for the rights and oil resources to be restored and returned to Sabah?” pondered Dr. Jeffrey.

As for PBS, the test will be whether they will arduously pursue their actions until the culprits are brought before the law or will the police reports be just a flash in the pan to be stopped in its tracks when big brother Umno tells them to shut up and sit in the corner and stop pursuing their actions?

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