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By Ezra Haganez
KOTA KINABALU : Parti Kerjasama Rakyat (PAKAR) calls on Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan to stop being the mouthpiece of Malayan leaders when dealing with the issue of large presence of illegal immigrants in the state.

PKAR deputy president, Paulus Gani said in as many cases in recent years, Rahman stood out as the Sabahan tool for his political masters to legitimise whatever acts in a pursue of Umno agenda, including calling on fellow Sabahans to now just accept these illegal immigrants who have been around for 40 years".

"PAKAR and many Sabahans know that this particular line on illegal immigrants in Sabah is the tacit secret stand or plot by Umno on this perennial issue. 

"It is like telling the Sabahans "it is okay now the treasonous act of wantonly granting citizenship to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants has long passed, let us forget about it, we just accept them, we cannot send them back to Philippines and Indonesia anymore"," Paulus said in a statement.

"How irresponsible this is coming from a local Sabahan," lamented Paulus.

"What Rahman was saying is tantamount to saying that "Umno's agenda to change the original and natural demographics of Sabah has now been achieved, let all Sabahans accept it as natural and be happy about it".

"In fact that is the message bona fide Sabahans would get by reading Rahman's call. It is indeed a fact that Rahman's words was heavily favoured by Malaya but not by the genuine Malaysians in Sabah itself," Paulus further said.
He said Rahman's statement was also aligned to Umno's vice president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who yesterday said that the syndicate of giving Malaysian citizenship to these illegal immigrants was now over or in other words, the target has been achieved, and there is no more such organised "cartels" in Sabah.

"If one fully examines the statement by Rahman and Zahid, one would be able to read in between the lines of the existence of such "organised" syndicates," claimed Paulus.

It has been established by the RCI findings that such organised syndicate existed because of corrupt Malaysian officers for economic gain. But no rigth-thinking Malaysians buy such a simplifying observation because clearly the dubious issuance of such citizenship to muslim immigrants had been going-on for at least 40 years with clear evidences of involvement of a Malaya-based political party.

On the other hand, said Paulus, PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim's statement today on the same topic was so far the best summary observation of the whole findings of the disappointing RCI.

"Anwar hit on-target when he said the RCI Report was in the end ws just a way for the Putrajaya government to exonerate itself of any culpability in the issue despite of overwhelming evidence against it.

"Anwar had said: "The masterminds and actual culprits responsible for the nefarious import of illegal immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia into Sabah have been let off the hook"," Paulus added.

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