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UN Ban Ki-moon urges fostering culture of integrity and transparency

Ezra Haganez 
Kanul(far right) with some of the parents and schoolchildren.
KOTA BELUD : United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, called on governments and society at large to foster a culture of integrity and transparency to neutralise ill-effects of corruption such as driving up costs and malfunctioning state institutions that were seen in many places today.

"Corruption suppresses economic growth by driving up costs, and undermines the sustainable management of the environment and natural resources.  It breaches fundamental human rights, exacerbates poverty and increases inequality by diverting funds from health care, education and other essential services.

"The malignant effects of corruption are felt by billions of people everywhere. It is driven by and results in criminal activity, malfunctioning state institutions and weak governance," he said in his message for International Anti-Corruption Day, which was observed worldwide on every 9 December:

Ban's message was read to a group of schoolchildren and parents by chairman of UK-based Borneo Rights International (BRI), Kanul Gindol, at a prize presentation to three winners of anti-corruption essay writing cum special reading of Ban's message held at Kanul's residence, Bethesda Heights in Kota Belud today. 

Ban said good governance is critical for sustainable development, and vital in combating organized crime.  "Every link in the trafficking chain is vulnerable to corruption, from the bribes paid to corrupt officials by dealers in arms and drugs to the fraudulent permits and licenses used to facilitate the illicit trade in natural resources," he said.

The Korean world diplomat also reminded the world that corruption is also rife in the world of sport and business, and in public procurement processes. 

Kanul(left) with the three winners, Lisa, Gerald and Elizana.
"In the last decade, the private sector has increasingly recognized its role in fighting corruption.  A call to action launched by the United Nations Global Compact and partners is mobilizing businesses and Governments to engage in transparent procurement.  Guidelines are also being developed to help business fight corruption in sport sponsorship and hospitality," Ban said.

He further said the United Nations Convention against Corruption, adopted 10 years ago, is the paramount global framework for preventing and combating corruption. He said full implementation depends crucially on effective prevention, law enforcement, international cooperation and asset recovery.

"On this International Anti-Corruption Day, I urge Governments, the private sector and civil society to take a collective stand against this complex social, political and economic disease that affects all countries. To achieve an equitable, inclusive and more prosperous future for all, we must foster a culture of integrity, transparency, accountability and good governance," Ban said.

Meanwhile, activist Kanul had also organised a UN World Habitat Day (observed every first Monday of October) at his residence last October which was attended among others by Kadamaian assemblyman, Jeremmy Ukoh Malajad, and Sabah's veteran activist Patrick Sindu.


  1. Good effort. Two thumbs up.

  2. Awareness in the early years of our young generation is crucial to curtail corrupt cultures ! Bravo tobpinai

  3. Congratulations Gundohing Kanul Gindol, you have our support. How nice to see you doing all these NGOs thngs no mater how little things they maybe but they have always been a good exercise to inculcate our youngsters with the correct culture like this one you organised on Anti-Corruption, Malaysia's leaders are certainly notorious of. Congrats bro !

  4. Yes this is the way forward, start with the young ones.


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