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Stop All the Lies on BN Development – Dr. Jeffrey

Kota Kinabalu: “It is sad for Malaysia that BN Ministers and BN leaders have to stoop so low to continue with lies and deception to fool ordinary Malaysians especially the rural constituencies that only the Barisan Nasional can bring about development for their constituencies” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, noting the various statements by BN leaders that the opposition cannot bring development that only BN can.

It has become standard statement for the Umno/BN leaders that only the BN can guarantee and bring about development.  This is used against the opposition and played up by the mainstream media controlled by the Umno/BN government.  For other media that are not controlled by them, the media are bullied and threatened against until the news become distorted or censored.

“But the truth is that the statement that only Umno/BN can bring about development is a blatant lie” stressed Dr. Jeffrey.

However, for simple folks, that statement is taken as the gospel truth thinking that whatever development projects brought into their villages are by Umno/BN.    Even official government projects are advertised in billboards as another project by the BN.

Nothing is further from the truth.

To perpetuate these lies to the people, these Umno/BN leaders have deliberately erased the line between a ruling government of the day with that of the ruling government being led by Umno/BN.  They are different when it comes to implementing projects.

The undisputed fact is that every single government project is not by Umno/BN but by the ruling government of the day.    When the Umno/BN do not form the ruling government, the development projects will still be undertaken by the non-Umno/BN government.   Development projects do not stop if Umno/BN do not form the government.

It is the responsibility of the ruling government of the day to undertake development projects whether it is a school, a road, road repairs or even basic treated water and electricity.  If any people do not get treated water but just gravity-fed water supply or no electricity supply or no proper sealed roads, it only means that the ruling government has failed the people.  The failure is that of the government that is led by Umno/BN.

The people need to realize the truth behind these lies.   For instance in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan, the projects are undertaken by the government of the day which is the Pakatan.   The Umno/BN in these States carry out no project whatsoever other than projects which are undertaken by the federal government.

The Umno/BN-led federal and state governments need to stop their lies and stop using development projects to punish the people in opposition-held constituencies.  They have no right to deprive the people in opposition constituencies of any development project as it the supreme right of any individual to vote whichever party he or she chooses.

If the Umno/BN-led federal and state governments still wish to use development projects as their trump card to punish voters who voted for the opposition, then they should stop collecting taxes from these opposition voters.   Let only Umno/BN voters pay taxes and let the Umno/BN government to use these taxes to fund their development projects.

The same goes for BR1M hand-outs.   The money that funds these BR1M hand-outs are public money contributed by all tax-payers not only Umno/BN party members or their voters.

Like the on-going festivities, the Umno/BN leaders should be claiming themselves to be Santa Clauses when giving out these BR1M hand-outs and claim credit for them when the money does not belong to them.

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