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Let The Good Triumph Over Evil in 2014

The good is supposed to triumph over evil, the positives over the negatives, so that the momentum of gains will move society forward in the desired direction. 

Unfortunately,  2013 has been anything but positive with more oppression, rising prices of goods and services,  racial and religious extremism and insecurity. 

“So let 2014 be the year for the GOOD TO TRIUMPH OVER EVIL and make the new year be a turning point in our history to overcome sufferings, poverty, injustices, oppression, prejudices, abuses of power and corruptions” said Datuk Dr Jeffrey,  President of the United Borneo Front (UBF), in his 2014 New Year message.
But for things to change for the better, the people themselves (the majority) must have the consciousness to realise their conditions and be united and be proactive to face life's challenges.  No one will change things for them except themselves.

But we are also in the globalised IT smart media millenium ... where we can share our concerns and leverage others to support our actions through networking.   We must be brave and forthright in our stand--say what we mean and mean what we say!
If our hope is to secure a better future then the young must come forward and take up these challenges.  Let 2014 be the awakening of the latent powers of Generation-Y, especially  in Sabah and Sarawak. 

Do not wait until later.   It maybe too late. 

Now is the time for you, Gen-Y, to unite, share your common future and act together.  Form groups, network and find solutions to the challenges of today.
2013 was a year of many negative challenges: the Tonduo/Lahad Datu intrusion,  the Project IC revelations, the 13th General Election, the Allah issue, the year of rising costs and prices, the Taiwanese murder cum kidnapping, Sabah becoming notorious for having fake ICs, etc...  Let these experiences be a lesson for all of us.
2013 was also Malaysia's 50th Golden Jubilee reminding us in Sabah and Sarawak, how much we have lost, including our autonomy and our oil and gas rights and revenues! 

So, my simple hope for the coming year is “Let 2014 be the beginning of the restoration of our rights as a nation in the federation of Malaysia and the full implementation of the solutions to the Project IC problems.”,  
Of course for good to triumph over evil, there must steadfastly be more virtuous thoughts, more good deeds, more compassion, more respect for human rights and the rights of others, more tolerance, love, kindness and understanding,  and more self knowledge.  Without these knowledge, actions and attitudes, evil will triumph.

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