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Waytha of Hindraf goes hunger strike for Indians

Hindraf’s Leader and Chairperson today has taken another momentuous decision to begin a “HUNGER VIRATHAM” in continuation of Hindraf’s pursuit for justice, dignity and equality for the Indian marginalized and poor. 50 years of oppression and unfulfilled yearnings for a just and dignified life triggered the outpouring of 100,000 Indians onto the KL streets on the 25th of November 2007. Since then much water has flowed under the bridge, but very little has changed in the lives of the Indian marginalized and poor. 

Now, Mr P Waytha Moorthy has decided to take it beyond and above politics. This is a national and a moral problem and it has to be seen as such by whoever is in government and by the larger sections of our peoples. This “Hunger Viratham” is a prayer to emphasise to all the peoples of Malaysia and to the Government of Malaysia that there are serious issues of morality and governance surrounding this entire historical occurrence.

This “Hunger Viratham”  is Mr P Waytha Moorthy’s prayer to achieve Hindraf’s Blueprint objectives of permanent and comprehensive solutions to these serious problems. This is a continuous “ Hunger Viratham” and begins after the first MahaSivarathiri prayers  at 7.00 pm on the 10th of March 2013 at the Arulmigu Agora Veerabathrar Sanggili Karuppar Temple, Kg Benggali, 17 ½ miles Rawang. Throughout the entire “Hunger Viratham” Mr Waytha Moorthy will limit his intake only to water.The duration of the Viratham will be dependent on the overall state of his body condition.

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