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STAR reveals its "kawasan tumpuan"

By Ezra Haganez
KOTA KINABALU : The Sabah chapter of State Reform Party (STAR) would most likely contest in about 40 out of 60 state seats and 16 of the 25 parliamentary seats at the impending general election.

STAR Sabah deputy chairman, Daniel John Jambun, in a late press statement here Friday, said the state leadership under Dr Jeffrey Kitingan had decided on this and that the next thing the party will do is introduce its candidates ahead of the poll.
We have come to this number after carefully examining the strength of all parties and the requests and support from the grassroots. And we are making this known now publicly as we wished for the people to participate in our growth and vision.

Out of the 40 state constituencies, 23 are our focus area or "kawasan tumpuan" where we would put everything that we could to ensure we get a comfortable majority.

Out of the 16 MP seats we intend to contest, we identified eight as "kawasan tumpuan" and there are Kota Marudu, Kota Belud, Penampang, Ranau, Keningau, Tenom, Pensiangan and Beluran.

The focus seats for state seats are Pitas, Matunggung, Tandek, Tempasuk, Kedamaian, Tamparuli, Kiulu, Inanam, Kepayan, Moyog, Kundasang, Keranaan, Paginatan, Tambunan, Bingkor, Liawan, Melalap, Kemabong, Sook, Nabawan, Sugut, Labuk and Kuamut.

This does not mean we are not working on other areas but we have a case-to-case strategy in those seat including strategic state seat for instance in Pantai Manis.    

For now this is good for STAR. The party would respond to emerging new challenges or equation and as we move ahead with our growth we shall listen to the voices and aspiration of Sabahans which would be our guiding light in putting up our candidates for them.


  1. Ini Kali Lah kita ambil balik !!

    Saa berdoa STAR menang banyak kerusi dan jangan lupakan harapan kami Rakyat Sabah.. INI KALI LAH KITA MENANG.



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