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Charges against Tian Chua will expedite BN's downfall, says Star

By Daniel John Jambun
INANAM : The swift action by the BN government to charge opposition leader Tian Chua for sedition over his fair remark on the Lahad Datu incidence is a black day for democratic Malaysia and would undoubtedly ensure all right-thinking Malaysians to vote for opposition at the coming polls.

It will expedite the downfall of Umno regime which clearly practiced selective prosecution and dirty tactics all these years.
Why charge only Tian Chua? He only uttered verbal comments but why the authorities did not charge those who not only said words but committed complete actions to abuse their power and position, get involved in corrupt acts, swindled and embezzled public money as if it is their father's money?

Why is Perkasa Ibrahim Ali not charged for his repeatedly seditious stamements and threats to burn Christians "Alkitab" or Bible? Why corrupt BN leaders who had been subjected to even international scrutiny were never charged and in fact encouraged to launder more money, perhaps for Umno in a form of "donations"?

What about Mahathir Mohamad for all his schemes including Projek IC that had put Sabah in such a mess ? Didn't he commit treason?

Is it true that those in Sabah Umno who did not support Projek IC were sidelined and stripped of all roles before this?

Now what about those caught with automatic weapons recently trying to invade Sabah and killed and mutilated our servicemen? What about their accomplices and obvious collaborators? When are they charged ?

Will they be charged for only causing public nuisance or perhaps illegal entry?

The public could go on arguing about this but it is best that we now leave these evil people's fate in God's hand. Let all the churches in the world pray for divine guidance for Malaysians and may His mercy relieves us from unnecessarily getting soaked into satanic schemes.

I hope the print and electronic media with clear-conscience carry this statement as a help to warn ourselves that Malaysia continues in evil hands and that we must not let this country eventually go to the dogs out of our own silence. Thank you.

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