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Church body slams justification of anti-Christian seminar

PETALING JAYA: What has Christianity got to do with the Islamic State (IS) militant group?

That is the question the Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM) has put forward to Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh, the Malay Mail Online (MMO) reported today.

This was in response to Idris earlier this week, justifying an anti-Christian seminar at the Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) last year as being held to explain the threat of among others, the IS.

CCM secretary-general Dr Hermen Shastri however questioned how Idris arrived at the conclusion, especially given the absence of any Christians on the panel during the seminar.

“It seems as if it was an attempt to cast aspersions on Christians… what has Christianity got to do with IS?”

“If the subject matter was to deal with Islamic radicalisation, then casting aspersions to Christianity only feeds radicalisation and fanaticism in Islam,” he said.

He added it would only be fair to have a Christian representative on the panel if the organisers had wanted to educate students, to ensure discussions were balanced.

Idris had said the seminar was also aimed at promoting “intellectual discourse”, and was in accordance with the Constitution.

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