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Baru must win, says Lajim in Lawas

At Baru's Kg Siang-Siang residence. Lajim is second from right, sitting next to Baru, while Patrick Sadom was giving speech.
LAWAS : Sarawak Keadilan chairman, Baru Bian, must be returned again as Ba' Kelalan assemblyman at this state election to ensure continuity and also prepare the state to embrace an impending new Fkederal Government.

Baru's counterpart in Sabah, Datuk Lajim Ukin, who is currently campaigning for Keadilan candidates in Sarawak, said based on his excellent service and being the state Keadilan chairman, Baru should retain again Ba' Kelalan.

"After this Sarawak state election, perhaps in over a year away from now, we will have a general election, where we are confident Pakatan Harapan will defeat Barisan Nasional and form the Federal Government.

"We pave the way now to win as many state seats including Ba' Kelalan and then carry on to capture crucial Parliamentary seats in Sarawak too at the general election (which musy be held before he next Sarawak state election," said Lajim.

Lajim, who is also Klias assemblyman, said this in his speech at a campaign launching at Baru's residence at Kampung Siang-Siang near here on 2April 25, s

He also told the people to reject Barisan Nasional candidates as they would only prop up Prime Minister Datuk Najib Razak who, according to Lajim, is the boss of Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem.

"Do you like GST? If you dont want GST, you should vote for Pakatan candidates and not Barisan Nasional. To reject GST, we reject BN," he said after the well-attended talk unanimously thundered with "No" on GST.

Meanwhile on the sideline, Lajim told friends that if Pakatan could not form the state government now, it would still be good if Pakatan wins as many seats in this state election, as that will make the ruling BN worried to lose the coming general election.

"BN will be very worried if many state seats in Sarawak fall to Pakatan, and therefore pour in more development projects into the state, and this will benefit the rakyat especially in the rural areas," he pointed out.

The general election is not due until 2018 but the Parliament could be dissolved earlier by the embattled BN.

Also present and gave talk at the function were Baru himself and Sabah Keadilan communication director, Patrick Sadom.

Baru is involved in a straight fight with BN's candidate Willie Liau. Polling is on May 7, 2016.

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