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The best PM we’ve ever had

Most Malaysians want Najib Abdul Razak to resign or go into early retirement. Why should he? He has a lot of unfinished business, and a good citizen will re-elect his leader to allow him to complete his tasks.
Here are seven reasons why, in the run-up to GE14, Najib will rise to greater heights and be an unstoppable force.

1. Najib is in touch with the rakyat
He understands suffering brought upon us by the GST and the toll hikes. He has arranged BR1M payments for the lower echelons of society. He has made similar arrangements for the richer members of our community. Najib is a man of the people. He understands the concept of “let them eat cake” and he is giving the appropriate cake to deserving people.
2. A world leader
A leader must present himself well on the world stage. He travels widely and, with the number of air miles he charts annually, he is right to have his own jet so he can step off the plane looking as fresh as a daisy. As his spouse has to accompany him, isn’t it fair that she is allowed to go on a shopping spree once in a while? Is it fair to expect her to just sit and stare into space while he makes his speeches? Have some sympathy for her.
3. Confidence in his leadership
Most people are happy with Najib’s explanations of the RM2.6 billion donation in his personal bank accounts. If there was no confidence in his leadership, the MPs would have passed a no-confidence motion against him. A number of people are envious of his strong leadership. Just look at the swarms of people who mill around him, waiting to kiss his hand. That is a sign of utmost reverence.
4. The ringgit
The ringgit may have dropped to a 17-year low, but as one factory owner has said, “I am happy. Foreigners are buying my goods. Exports have never been better.”
Malaysians are finally beginning to explore local tourism sites, and this will boost the economy, said a businessman who owns a travel agency. “The Red Sea off Kuantan has become the latest attraction, and I tell the locals, many of whom are simple folk, that our Red Sea is redder than the Red Sea in the Middle East.”
5. World leaders eating out of his hand
Few leaders can claim they play golf with the United States President. How many times has Obama come to visit Malaysia, whereas previous American presidents gave the country a wide berth? Britain’s David Cameron knows that to have Najib as an ally is most useful, and the weapons and fighter jets he sold to Najib have found the home they needed.
6. National security
Najib has the nation’s interest at heart, and so the National Security Council Bill was rushed through Parliament. The PM knows, like most company CEOs, that to have several people on the board is to encourage time wasting. People will procrastinate or be undecided. He knows that, on his own, decisions can be made quickly and without consultation. Consultations are not always good.
7. Envious past leaders
A number of people, including a former PM and his former deputy, have tried to oust Najib, but they underestimated his strength and cunning. He sacked his attorney-general and others who were allegedly plotting against him.
Najib is as solid as a rock, and is unstoppable. His popularity will rise and he will be around for the next 22 years, perhaps, becoming the longest serving PM of Malaysia. Early predictions, mostly from soothsayers rather than political analysts, say that Najib will win GE14 with a landslide victory. He has the charm and the means to pull it off.
Malaysia is a land of milk and honey. Despite the stories about billions of ringgit in illicit outflows, no one is starving. Najib is the greatest PM we’ve ever had.

Mariam Mokhtar is an FMT columnist. 

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  1. Nice sarcastic report by Mariam of FMT. Congrats Borneo Herald for reposting this article..


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