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Sabah parties should work with Keadilan — Lajim

KENINGAU: Keadilan Sabah chairman Datuk Lajim Ukin said Sabah local parties need to work with national parties if they are serious to help resolve state and national issues.

He made the call in Bingkor when officiating a Keadilan’s state-level Christmas celebration at Kampung Merampong near here last Ssaturday.

“The local parties would never be able to solve various peoples’ problems, both national and state, such as the GST, the 1MDB RM2.6 billion scandal, abolishment of scholarship, the worsening economy or the spiralling down of the ringgit,” he said.

Lajim who is also Klias assemblyman, pointed out that the local parties, if they were to work with Keadilan or Pakatan Harapan, they should stop thinking that all seats, the Kadazandusun seats for example, must be theirs only.

“They cannot make such demand, because in Keadilan too we have many capable and quality Kadazandusun leaders,” he said, adding that Keadilan had not only shown good results in the community areas but in fact won a few seats in the last general election.

It is a publicly known fact that these small local parties had aspired to stand in all Kadazandusun seats, with many of them lost badly in the 2013 general election, and losing their deposits.

Keadilan on the other hand, had shown promising results in almost all the Kadazandusun majority seats it contested. The party even won in Kadamaian, Matunggong, Tamparuli and Moyog state seats and the Penampang parliamentery seat.

Even though Lajim did not single out any party, many observers believed he was signaling to the opposition grouping of SAPP, PCS and the Sarawak party Star.

These parties group themselves under what they call as United Sabah Alliance (USA) which is chaired by SAPP veteran leader, Datuk Mohd Noor Mansor.

In the last election, SAPP was wiped out while Star scrapped through in the solitary Bingkor seat with a thin majority.

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