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Sabah Umno BN Leaders, Look At These Pathetic Developments

Kota Kinabalu:     “Sabah Umno BN leaders should wake up and do their homework and highlight the pathetic state of development in Sabah and stop fooling themselves and Sabahans and then decide whether they should demand repeat demand for full or partial autonomy with regards to federal development funds for Sabah” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, noting the similar pathetic calls for partial autonomy on federal development funds instead of demanding for full autonomy.

In Sabah since 1994 it was a Umno promise of Sabah Baru in 100 days and come every election since then, it was continuous lies after lies and deception that only the Barisan Nasional can bring about development for their constituencies especially in the rural areas.

“But the sad truth is that the statement that only Umno/BN can bring about development is a blatant lie” said Dr. Jeffrey.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, how true!   The Sabah Umno BN leaders should look at these pictures.
The only means of transport in the “Lost Valley of Tenom/Beaufort” when the regular train service is down as was the case for several days recently.
Sabah had the fortunate legacy to inherit Sabah Railways from the British colonial masters.   For several of the 13 villages between Beaufort and Tenom, it is the only means of transport until today as there is no road link.   These villages appear to be the “Lost Valley of Tenom/Beaufort” to the BN government who have forgotten they exist and with Sabah Railways now under Keretapi Tanah Melayu things appear to heading nowhere.   When will the BN government be building the road link?
In comparison, rural roads even in Felda settlements in the remotest part of Malaya are sealed right up to the staircase of the settlers’ homes.
he truly humble abode of a family of 7 in Kinabatangan.
It was reported that a Western tourist visited the family and highlighted the house.    Doesn’t this family be entitled to a PPRT house?     What is the use of the BN Manifesto promising to build a million affordable houses in 5 years when the government cannot even provide a PPRT house for this family in Sabah?
A water-well in Kg. Tagaroh, Kota Marudu, where 13 villagers share tapping for their daily water needs.  
Incidentally, Kota Marudu is the home constituency of the federal Minister of Water Resources but seems powerless as the financial purse strings are controlled by the Malayan federal government.  

Untreated water is the norm in Sabah where many villages still rely on gravity-fed water from the hills as drinking water.   In comparison, the federal government is spending RM3.94 billion to build the 43 km. water transfer tunnel from Pahang through the Titiwangsa Main Range to Selangor/Klang Valley but chooses to lend RM257 million to the Sabah government instead of giving a grant to build the Keningau Water Supply Project.   When will 99% (not even asking for 100%) of Sabahans be getting clean treated water?

A school with make-shift classrooms without walls or under tents in Kota Marudu.  This school have to share this dubious distinction of having no proper classrooms with several other schools in Sabah.
In case the Sabah Umno BN leaders have forgotten, the Deputy Prime Minister cum Education Minister had promised verbally in February 2014 that RM1.0 billion was allocated to rebuild and repair 600 odd schools in Sabah and Sarawak.   Where is the money?

And Why are Sabah students made to suffer from the failure of the federal government and the Sabah Umno BN leaders in failing to look after their welfare and interests?   Now, one can understand why Sabah fared last in the recently released SPM results!

A week ago, it was highlighted the incident of a villager in Pitas using a make-shift drag-cart to send a sick person to hospital as there was no proper road.  Then there were the photographs of another school without classroom walls which attracted the attention of PM Najib who tweeted for the Chief Secretary to investigate.   There was another road full of potholes in Sepanggar under an Umno MP which went viral and the government was made to seal it to stop the issue.

With these 4 photographs above, the Sabah Umno BN leaders should be ashamed of themselves and apologise to Sabahans for their failure to look after their interests and welfare.   Instead of seeking full autonomy and getting the funds for proper development, Sabah Umno BN leaders are only asking, not even demanding, for partial autonomy in development funds.

Perhaps and hopefully, this news report will make the Prime Minister to tweet to his Chief Secretary to look into the affairs of Sabah’s failure of development in education, road infrastructure, people’s housing and water supply.

Rest assured, more failures of the federal and Sabah Umno BN government will continued to be highlighted and exposed.

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