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Is Formation of Malaysia Symbolic And Sham?

Kota Kinabalu:    “The people of Sabah are up in arms against Minister Nancy Shukri and the federal government for insulting the natives and for treating with contempt the Batu Sumpah Oath Stone as a mere symbol in the formation of Malaysia.  The statement only goes to show the utter contempt of the federal government and Malay leaders for the basis of the formation of Malaysia” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief cum Bingkor State Assemblyman on reports of Minister Nancy Shukri’s statement on behalf of the federal government that the Batu Sumpah is merely symbolic and devoid of meaning and importance.

It reflects the mindset of the federal government which treats the formation of Malaysia as symbolic to mask the takeover of Sabah and Sarawak by Malaya and making the Federation of Malaysia as a sham.

It is more shameful that the statement is made by a Minister from Sarawak acting as the mouth-piece of the federal government of Malaya disguising itself as the federal government of the federation of Malaysia.

The Batu Sumpah is a constitutional safeguard of the rights of Sabahans and etches in eternity the fundamental basis of the formation of Malaysia and the importance of native customs and traditions to the natives which carries the solemn promise of the natives.

Minister Nancy could use with some advice of her Sarawak Chief Minister’s wisdom and knowledge of the history of the formation of Malaysia that Sabah and Sarawak helped form Malaysia.

She should be mindful that the Federation of Malaysia would not be in existence today if not for the people of Sabah and Sarawak agreeing to its formation.

The Minister should also not look down on the Batu Sumpah or treat it as a joke and poke fun at it.  To the natives, the Batu Sumpah and its oath is more important than any document in writing.

To the natives, the Batu Sumpah also represents the constitutional safeguards and fundamental basis of the formation of Malaysia.   If it is not respected, it will also mean that the basis of the formation of Malaysia is not respected.

An initiation and full oath swearing ceremony was carried out at the Batu Sumpah in accordance with the native rituals, customs and traditions complete with traditional masters in full regalia.   These native customs and traditions are time-honoured and even respected by the British colonial masters and written into the Federal Constitution together with the Native Court System.

If the Minister and the federal government and its leaders fail to respect the importance and traditions of the “sumpah” or sworn oath, they could incur the full wrath of the “sumpah” and be overcome by it.

The Minster and the federal government and its leaders should tender an open apology to the people of Sabah and affirm their commitment in respecting and honouring the fundamental basis of the formation of Malaysia.  They should also take immediate steps to build a proper Monument to house the historic Batu Sumpah.

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