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Arrest Traitors Not Threaten Rights Activists

Kota Kinabalu:    “The IGP seems to have his priorities all confused and jumbled up with threats to arrest Sabah and Sarawak rights activists seeking the restoration of Sabah and Sarawak rights in the formation of Malaysia while allowing traitors of Sabah and Malaysia and serious foreigner criminals roaming all over Sabah” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, Chairman of STAR SABAH responding to threats of action against alleged secessionists.

First and foremost, PBS, a partner of the ruling Umno-led BN government and various other parties have lodged several parties against the wrong-doers of the crimes identified in the findings set out in the RCI Report.

The serious crimes were treasonous and included issuance of Malaysian ICs not in accordance with the law and the insertion of ineligible foreigners in the electoral rolls.   These findings were well supported by testimonies of witnesses and documents produced at the RCI hearings, regardless whether they were called “Project IC” or not.

As a gentle reminder to the IGP, there were reports as far back as 1990s about the wrongful and unlawful issuance of ICs and phantom voters including that lodged by the PBS and other Sabah leaders.

“What action has been taken against these traitors of Sabah and Malaysia?”

“Why no arrests have being made until now?”

“What is the motive of the police and federal government in not taking action?” asked Dr. Jeffrey.

On the ground level, what has the police done against smugglers and pedlars of contraband goods that can be seen daily all over Sabah?

The contraband goods are just not confined to cigarettes and other items but serious and dangerous drugs.

Perhaps, the police should send an investigation team to interview the Indonesian Nunukan Governor who has said recently that dangerous drugs are being smuggled from Sabah into Kalimantan and distributed throughout the archipelago.

Just days ago, the arrests of several immigration officers wrongly granting long-stay passes to Pakistanis and the charging of a Pakistani duo for attempting to bribe immigration officers are just the tip of the iceberg for the IGP to take action.

Ask any Sabahan and they will tell you that Pakistani-run shops are mushrooming all over Sabah even in the interiors.   The Pakistanis running these shops can hardly speak any local language.

Link the stories together, it is a wonder that non-local speaking Pakistani-run shops are mushrooming all over Sabah?

“When will the police take action to weed out these illegal foreigners who are probably in Sabah on long-stay passes wrongly issued by rogue immigration officers?”

“How about arrests on the fake Sabah ICs that are being circulated and held by foreigners, including Pakistani taxi drivers, which give genuine Sabahans a bad name in Malaya” queried Dr. Jeffrey again.

On the alleged threats against activists, the IGP should re-look at the historical records in the Malaysian Parliament on 9th August, 1965.   The federal government signed the separation agreement with Singapore allowing Singapore to secede from Malaysia before the Constitution and Malaysia (Singapore Amendment) Bill was tabled, debated and approved in Parliament.

“Wouldn’t it be secessionist and treasonous for the separation agreement to be signed before it was tabled and approved in Parliament?”

Wouldn’t the calls by Umno leaders, religious bigots and Malay extremists to chase out other Malaysians and for them to leave the federation be separatist, seditious and treasonous?

“What is the motive of the IGP in threating Sabah and Sarawak activists?

“Is the IGP pushing for Sabah and Sarawak to be separated from Malaysia when the calls are for their rights in Malaysia to be respected and honoured? questioned Dr. Jeffrey.

The people especially in Sabah and Sarawak should not be prevented from voicing their grievances.  After all, it is their future and the future of Sabah and Sarawak which concerns them.

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