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YB Jimmy Wong and DAP Welcome to Join Independent Monitoring and Action Committee

Kota Kinabalu:     "Sabah DAP Chairman, YB. Jimmy Wong Sze Phin, should "think local" instead of criticising the efforts of the 3 Sabah political parties and 21 NGOs for setting up an Independent Committee to push the federal government into taking actions to solve the illegals problems in Sabah" said the Secretary of the Independent Committee, James Stephens.

James was responding to YB. Jimmy Wong who yesterday criticised the formation of the Independent Committee headed by STAR Sabah chief cum Bingkor State Assemblyman, Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan.  Notable leaders in the Committee include the Tamparuli State Assemblyman, Datuk Seri Wilfred Bumburing, SAPP President, Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee, political veteran leader, Datuk Mohd. Noor Mansoor who is also an ex-Finance Minister, ex-Deputy Federal Minister, Datuk Kalakau Untol, outspoken ex-Assemblyman Datuk James Ligunjang, activist Daniel John Jambun of BoPIM, who were joined by a host of other fresh faces of an emerging new generation of Sabahan activists.

"The Independent Committee, called Monitoring and Action Committee, has made it clear that like-minded parties and NGOs may join this Independent Committee.  If YB. Jimmy Wong consider that he or his party can give input  and proposals on solving the long outstanding illegals problem, then of course, he is welcome.  Although the Committee has met four times, it is still not too late for YB. Jimmy Wong and his colleagues to join" said James in a statement today.

"If YB. Jimmy Wong does not wish to join, then we ask that he and other DAP leaders respect local parties and NGOs and let us do our work.   It is sad that so far, neither YB. Jimmy nor the DAP has come up with any proposal on how to solve the illegals problem.  Neither did the DAP as a party present any proposal or witness to the RCI during its year long public hearings" added James.

The illegals problem in Sabah is a very serious and long standing issue that affects Sabah and Sabahans in every aspect.   As concerned Malaysians in Sabah, everyone should put in an effort to assist in resolving the mess now that there is an opportunity to do so.

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