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Umno made profits by selling Malay kampungs

BAYAN BARU: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng told a Malay crowd in Bayan Baru yesterday that it is Umno Penang leaders who bought and sold their land.

Lim said Umno had slandered the DAP and Penang government, by saying the party had purchased land in Balik Pulau, whatever the cost, to "chase out the Malays".

"It is the leaders from Umno who betrayed the Malays by selling their land for profit," he told the 100-odd crowd during his speech at the event to honour the Bukit Gedung Malay hawkers for winning a national award this year for cleanliness, safety and health.

Lim accused Umno of lying because the DAP never bought even an inch of land in Balik Pulau.
DAP had only bought a building in Rangoon Road in George Town for its Penang headquarters, he added.

Lim was responding to Wanita Umno delegate Rohaya Abu Ismail who bashed DAP and the Penang government for allegedly "oppresing the Malays" in the state, especially in land and house matters.
She blasted the DAP of having an "hidden agenda" to chase the Malays out from Balik Pulau.

Lim then cited a case in Kampung Terang, Balik Pulau, where 10 acres of land was purchased on Jan 31, 2012, for RM8.6 million.
The plot was bought over from 31 land owners by Maison Height Sdn Bhd, he explained.
Three months later, on May 16, a similar plot of land was sold for RM13.5 million, for a profit of RM5 million, to a third party, he added.

Lim revealed that Maison Height was owned by Bukit Mertajam Umno chief Musa Sheikh Fadzir (left)
and Bukit Gelugor chief Omar Faudzar.

"These two Umno leaders should be condemned for profiting from the sale of Malay land in Balik Pulau," said Lim.

"Instead, I was blamed although I did not get a sen," he lamented.

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