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Look Beyond Schooling for Illegals –Dr. Jeffrey

Kota Kinabalu:    “Without a doubt, the educational needs of the children of illegal immigrants need to be addressed.    However, both the federal and Sabah governments need to look at the problems and potential problems beyond the schooling needs of these illegals” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, commenting on the newenrolment of SK Kinarut where illegals outnumber locals by 3:2.

This phenomena clearly reflects the by-product of the Project IC, “Ops Durian Buruk” or whatever named project of bringing in foreigners to outnumber the local natives and other Sabahans who were then pre-dominantly non-Muslim.
The revelations at the just concluded RCI hearings show the evil intent of the Umno federal leaders to populate and infiltrate the local communities with foreigners many of whom were given ICs or put on the SPR electoral rolls to outvote the ruling PBS government and then later to keep the Umno/BN government, both federal and State, in power.  

There are many indications that this granting of dubious ICs, many with false declarations of being born in Sabah, when they were not, is still on-going.   It is as if they were born twice, once in their homeland and then re-born in Sabah.    It is truly “Malaysia Boleh”.

It was and still is reverse ethnic cleansing of the local population.

If the phenomena in SK Kinarut were to happen in the East Coast of Sabah, it may be understandable since it was these areas there that were “populated” with foreigners to carve out Umno constituencies.

But for the phenomena to happen in Kinarut on the West Coast and at the doorstep of Kota Kinabalu should set alarm bells ringing for locals and all genuine Malaysians.

Firstly, it clearly emphasizes the fact that the ruling federal and Sabah governments are illegal governments, put in or rather voted in with the aid of illegal voters with dubious ICs and MyKads.   We need to remember that illegal voters was clearly proven and established in a Court of Law in the 1999 Likas election petition.

Secondly, it shows that Sabah will be over-run and controlled by illegals in the foreseeable future.   The locals are already over-run in many Umno constituencies except that the Umno Assemblymen and MPs, sadly who are Sabahans, dare not squeak a word for fear of losing their positions and their cronies losing fat government contracts.   In Kinabatangan, foreigners outnumber locals by more than 3 to 1.

Thirdly, these innocent school-going children will be of voting age in 14 years’ time and will probably be exploited as dubious voters for hire by the ruling Umno regime to keep them in power.   Going by their past records as revealed in the RCI hearings, this is a foregone conclusion.

Last but not least, these illegals in the future pose social and economic threats to the genuine locals, including those “locals” who have been given dubious ICs in the past.   These dubious or fake IC holders as well as the localswill stand to lose out and deprived of economic and other opportunities.

Before long all the locals will be deprived of their opportunities, made to be squatters in their homeland by the Umno regime with policies of not recognizing NCR and land rights of the natives, and some will potentially be murdered or robbed in their homeland.   It is already happening, so genuine Sabahans and Malaysians need to awaken to the monstrous problem created by the Umno federal government aided by unpatriotic and treacherous Umno Sabah leaders, many of whom are now in government.   

These Umno Sabah leaders are the true traitors to the Sabah homeland.  Not far behind are their cahoots, the Sabah BN leaders.

Patriotic Sabahans in government, even if they are in the minority, need to stand up and get their government to take action on the illegals.

“We need to look beyond the schooling of the illegals.   We need to put solutions in place before it is too late” stressed Dr. Jeffrey.

Sabahans are beginning to awaken to their rights and beginning to see the colonization of Sabah by the Malayan federal government and the theft of Sabah’s oil and gas and wealth which has made Sabah from one of the richest to be the poorest State.   This is 30 years too late and they should have followed what the PBS and I started in the 1980s.   They now need to re-awaken to this “illegals” problem.

One immediate solution is to create a “Non-Sabahan Resident Card” for the illegals with genuine Sabahans re-registered and issued a new Sabah IC.   Better still, establish a Homeland Security Ministry and Department along with it.   With the “Non-Sabahan Resident Card”, all illegals can be documented with biometric and other features.   The most important feature of all is that these illegals can then be kept in check and not be used or manipulated to be put on the electoral rolls by the Umno regime.   This preventive measure needs to be taken before it is too late.

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