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Govt Got It All Wrong-Dr. Jeffrey”

Kota Kinabalu: “The disease of the federal government of being clueless and doing it all wrong is spreading to Sabah.   There is no point in monitoring price increases without solving the problems or reducing the burden of the people caused by the price hikes” said Datuk Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief, responding to the CM’s statement calling for monitoring of prices.
Already, in the cyberworld, cartoons are poking fun at Najib and his federal government on the price hikes and his promise to reduce the burden on the people.   It showed that RM100.00 bought less groceries now resulting in a lighter shopping bag and thus reducing the burden of carrying it. 

The cartoon says it all.  The price hikes are caused by the government and the ordinary citizens are suffering with the higher costs of living with the government’s broken promises.

“What is the use of monitoring prices if it does not reduce prices and does not reduce the burden and cost of living of the people? asked Dr. Jeffrey.

The Sabah government need to think outside the box and not blindly follow their clueless and incapable federal government.

It looks like everyone else other than the government and its Ministers are feeling the burden of the price hikes and are protesting.   Only the Ministers and their politically blind followersare defending the government moves that caused the price hikes.

The moves were also contrary to the promises of the BN Manifesto in the May 2013 general election.  Many winning votes were given to the BN attracted to their promises to reduce the burden of the people and promises to reduce this and that.   Many are now disappointed with the broken promises of Najib and his government.

With due respect, the Chief Minister and the Sabah government should come out with concrete plans that focuses on ways to help reduce prices or to reduce the impact of the price hikes.

Price hikes will continue due to the wrong government policies.   A simple 20 sen increase in petrol and diesel prices will cause a chain reaction in prices starting with higher transportation costs and higher costs of production.   A 16.9% hike in electricity tariffs will increase electricity bills and contribute to higher costs of operations and production.

An economic student will tell you that prices will go up due to the petrol/diesel and electricity tariff hikes with costs increases being passed on to consumers.

“Seems that I need not remind the Sabah government that it can take various steps to reduce prices.  Changes in government policies or solutions are available on the table” reminded Dr. Jeffrey.

“I wonder what is stopping the Sabah government from asking for exemption of the petrol and diesel price hikes as well as waiver of the electricity tariff increases just like in Sarawak or for a review to increase the petroleum royalty from Petronas to 20%” queried Dr. Jeffrey.

“Why is the Chief Minister so afraid of even talking to the federal government and Petronas?”

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