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GRS told to address critical issues instead of engaging in cheap publicity stunts

Daniel John Jambun, 18-6-2023

GRS MPs calling for an investigation into a former Federal Attorney-General is merely a cheap publicity stunt for political mileage.

Instead of engaging in political games, these MPs should focus on resolving critical problems in Sabah. 

The first and foremost critical problems include, the mother of all problems, Projek IC Mahathir. To date, illegal immigrants in cahoot with corrupt National Registration Dept officers have no problem in getting IC. More shockingly in recent time, these illegal immigrants population has increased rapidly and can be found encroaching in nearly every parts of Sabah - possibly all parts. 

In this sense the horrible possibilities of a reverse takeover of Sabah by the PTI is not a myth but real and imminent. 

For the records, GRS government must take the responsibility to assure the genuine Sabahans fear, with facts, that this assertion of a reverse takeover (is not true) will not happen. 

The eight poorest districts in Malaysia all Orang Asal or Momogun communities is in Sabah. 

Bad governance and rampant corruption. 

Frequent power disruptions, water  shortages and bad roads.

Stateless children, drug misuse among young people, lack of job opportunities.

 Insufficient housing  for the Orang Asal or Momogun community. 

Poor development planning by local authorities, traffic jams, squatter issues, and more.

The Sulu Claim on Sabah has long been discontinued by the Philippine Government. Both the governments of the Philippines and Malaysia are members of the United Nations, which effectively means that the so-called Sulu Claim is not recognized internationally.

Therefore,  there is no cause for concern regarding the "Sulu Claim Arbitration Awards."

Additionally,  under International Law, sovereign states are the main actors in territorial disputes. In the case of any disputes concerning the Sulu Claim on Sabah, the governments of the Philippines and Malaysia are the recognized main actors with locus standi (legal standing) under International Law.

The Sulu Claim is a non-issue and that the award given to the heirs of the Sulu Sultanate by an Arbitration Tribunal in Spain is defective in terms of jurisdiction and would not hold up under further scrutiny by higher appellate courts.

Daniel John Jambun is President of Borneo's Plight in Malaysia Foundation (BoFiMaFo)

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