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Veteran Fredoline Lojingki on Zahid

By Fredoline Edwin Lojingki

The Deputy Prime Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also Home Minister, had recently made couples of revelations on security issues affecting our country especially here in Sabah.

Zahid had said that the police has gleaned information that the dreaded Philippines Sulu sultanate has appointed his representatives or cell leader in every constituencies in Sabah, and that this is a threat to our security.

Now, two things came into my mind as a veteran politician or watch (i am 75 years old now).

First is that, Zahid's revelation showed that our security had been breached in every corner and nook of the country, otherwise the Sulu sultanate would not have been able to set up representatives in every one of the 60 constituencies in Sabah.

And, second, if the police have indeed identified this Sulu leaders in each constituency, what have the police done to them? Did the police arrest them?

Why did not the authorities bring charges against these people if they posed a threat to our security?

I dont know whether to cry or laugh but Zahid's shocking revelation, must have embarassed our own police and military, for it implicated that the security had failed miserably in ensuring security for our people.

If indeed what Zahid had claimed is true, then it is only right that we should by now be seeing dozens of people, deem a threat to security, being hauled to court to be charged.

But so far there were none. Where are they? Perhaps Zahid should explain now in order to assure the public that their lives are in good hands.

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