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Be Serious in Solving Problems - Stop Cheating the People

I wish to respond to the press report made by Datuk Salleh Said Keruak, (Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly) captioned “Call to act on secession talk”
·         Leaders should listen more and understand the voices of dissension and unhappiness ( and not jump to conclusions)

·         I am surprised that Salleh as a Sabahan leader do not care about the concerns of Sabahans and the injustices suffered by Sabahans as a result of the way Malaysia has turned out to be:-
v  Downgraded to 12th State and taken over by Malaya
v  Our resources, our revenues taken over by Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya in the name of “Federalism”

v  Our population unlawfully changed and restructured
v  Political franchise taken over by foreigners
v  Our security compromised
v  Our political power directly under Malaya/Umno
v  The Malaysia Agreement 1963 ignored and all the promises, assurances by the Founding Fathers forgotten

·         Look where we are today
v  Colonized
v  Compromized
v  The poorest
v  Underdeveloped
v  Where is the promise of Borneonisation?
(Everywhere federation jobs are taken by Malayans)
v  Where is the promise of “Independence” promised by Tunku Abdul Rahman when he said:
“The important aspect, of the Malaysia Ideal as i see it, is that it will enable the Borneo Territories to transform their present colonial status to                                 self-government for themselves and absolute independence in Malaysia                                  simultaneously.”
                                Tunku Abdul Rahman Al-Haj, Prime Minister Of Malaya
(Straits Times, October 2,1962)

Tunku Abdul Rahman Al-Haj, Prime Minister Of Malaya
(Sabah Times, Jesselton, August 30,1963)
v  Does Datuk Salleh know that Sabah decided to be independent on 31 August 1963?
Sabah celebrated independence on 31 August 1963.
v  What is wrong in commemorating Sabah Independence and Flying the Sabah Flag?
v  For Sabahans and Sarawakians, their Independence is even more significant than Malaysia Day on 16 September because it signifies self-rule and would have been theirs even if Malaysia did not materialize.

·         Malaysia was officially formed on 16 September 1963 and we fly the Malaysia Flag or Jalur Gemilang for this.
Why do you want to FORCE Sabahans/Sarawakians to celebrate Malayan Independence on 31 August 1957?
v  It has no significance and meaningless
v  Malaysia was formed as a NEW FEDERATION, A NEW NATION, through a merger of Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak
In the Cobbold Commission, Lord Cobbold as the Chairman said:
“It is a necessary condition that, from the outset, Malaysia should be regarded by all concerned, as an association of partners, combining in the common to create a new nation but retaining their own individualities.”
v  Therefore, Malaysia did not exist before 16 September 1963, certainly not on 31 August 1957, and Malaysia has never been colonized or given independence.
v  Is Datuk Salleh saying that Malaysia is Malaya?
v  The Federal Government in 2009 officially agreed and recognized that Malaysia was formed and came into being on 16 September 1963 and officially declared 16 September as a national public holiday.
v  Is Datuk Salleh now saying that PM Najib has made a mistake in recognizing 16 September?

·         Datuk Salleh should take steps to correct the manipulation of facts and history, not condone it.   Let the truth and facts be put correctly:-
v  Malaya             -   independent on 31 August 1957
v  Sarawak           -   independent on 22 July 1963
v  Sabah               -   independent on 31 August 1963
v  Malaysia          -   FORMED ON 16 SEPTEMBER 1963
·         The federal government is suppressing the truth about the independence of Malaya and the formation of Malaysia.  They are promoting untruth and want the people of Sabah and Sarawak to celebrate the independence of Malaya on 31 August 1957.
·         Why is Datuk Salleh helping to promote the untruth and the manipulation of history?
·         Sabahans are not wrong in celebrating Sabah Independence on 31 August and fly the Sabah flag.   Datuk Salleh should support Sabahans in celebrating Sabah Independence and address their grievances on the manipulation and distortion of history and not threaten peace-loving Sabahans and sweep their grievances and unhanppiness under the carpet.
·         There is nothing wrong in celebrating Malayan independence.  However, if Sabah leaders want to celebrate Malayan independence and Malaysia’s independence, they should have their heads examined.  Malaysia and Malaya are 2 different things and 2 different countries.  If Malaysia is Malaya in disguise, it can only mean that Sabah and Sarawak were duped and cheated outright in the formation of Malaysia as not such new nation of Malaysia was formed.
·         Sabah leaders should not stop Sabah Independence celebrations and should do the same like Sarawak on 22 July.   When Sarawakians held the Sarawak Freedom Walk in 2013 and 2014, the Sarawak government ensured that the participants were looked after and even sent police outriders to escort the walking participants along the entire route.
·         I am glad fed govt finally realise Malaya is Malaya and Msia is Msia and recognize MDay.  If that is wrong, Salleh hv to ask Najib made wrong decision

·         STOP FOOLING THE NEW GENERATION, they know the true history of the Formation of Malaysia on 16 September 1963 and that Malaysia never gained independence on 31 August 1957.
v  If Datuk Salleh speaking on behalf of Umno/Malaya, I can understand but he is also a Sabahan.   He is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of a proxy of Kuala Lumpur/Putrajaya/Malaya and the real traitor to Sabah’s Independence.
v  Is Datuk Salleh happy that Umno in control of Sabah with Sabahans suffering although he saying things to please his political masters in Malaya and now fighting to be appointed as the replacement Chief Minister, an appointment by the President of Umno and not in accordance of Constitution of Sabah.
v  The people are real patriots voicing and fighting for the restoration of Sabah rights and autonomy.  Traitors to Sabah are like those traitors during the Japanese occupation of Sabah who helped the Japanese to control Sabah.  Those Sabah leaders who are not only not fighting for the rights of Sabah but instead helping outsiders to control Sabah are the real traitors now. 
v  He should sing and memorize Sabah’s national anthem “SABAH TANAH AIRKU” to realize that Sabah is “Negeri Merdeka, Merdeka Sepanjang Masa…” but only in name.
v  What the younger generation want is the RESTORATION of Sabah’s independence and autonomy.

·         The various comments in Facebook are but symptoms of the problems of Malaysia today …… SABAH’S INDEPENDENCE ON 31 AUGUST, SABAH RIGHTS, OIL AND GAS RIGHTS, SECESSION, SELF-DETERMINATION, etc.   We should address the real problems instead of condemning and threatening those who voice out their frustrations.
·         Where is Sabah’s independence?   Is Datuk Salleh happy with current scenario Sabah and Sabahans are in?

·         If Sabah BN leaders are concerned about Malaysia and wish to SAVE MALAYSIA, they must address the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) and address the unhappiness and concerns of Sabahans and Sarawakians, not threaten them. 
v  Sabahans and Sarawakians want MA63 to be implemented not thrown into dustbin as is done now by the federal government.  
v  Genuine and patriotic Sabahans want real progress and development for Sabah which has descended from being the 2nd richest in the 1970s to the poorest state currently. 
v  Malaya promised Sabah security but where is the security now compared to the past when Sabah was more secure.
v  The federal government controlled by Umno is the cause of the insecurity and security problems in Sabah by giving ICs to illegal immigrants who become Umno members and BN voters to make Sabah the fixed deposit for Umno/BN.
v  Where are the jobs for Sabahans and Sarawakians in the federal government?  50 years ago, Sabahans were in control of Sabah with government agencies staffed by Sabahans.   Now, the federal government bring in a parallel government by bringing in federal agencies and federal departments and staffed by Malayans with Sabahans relegated to low-ranking or menial jobs.  The Malayans dominate everything, the army, police, ministries, agencies, even in Sabah.  Sabah is just a colony of Malaya and sometimes they refer to Malaysia without Sabah and Sarawak and sometimes Malaysia include Sabah and Sarawak.
v  Who is running the Immigration Department, its Putrajaya not Sabah?  They block the entry of opposition leaders but let in illegal immigrants freely and give them ICs, houses, allowances, privileges, licences which are denied to local natives.

·         It is very obvious Sabahans and Sarawakians are aggrieved and they have every reason to be.   The Sabah leaders are not listening and not helping.  The people are finding and voicing out in social media and other ways.   Datuk Salleh is just following the old dictatorial ways and threatening the people instead of listening and addressing the issues raised by the people.
·         Where is our dignity and pride of Sabah, Sabah leaders, Sabah Umno leaders and the Sabah government?   They have failed to address and correct the injustices faced by Sabahans. 

So, if Datuk Salleh is sincere and not playing politics to play upmanship against his competitors for the Chief Minster’s post, I challenge him to get the Federal Government to establish:
o   MALAYSIA REVIEW COMMITTEE to discuss the problems of Malaysia as soon as possible so as to SAVE MALAYSIA.
As for the Petition to the United Nations, it is to solve the Malaysia problem and not secessionist.  Datuk Salleh is mistaken and making false and malicious accusations of it being secessionist.  It is an extension of the 1962 Petition submitted by Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei to the United Nations for the United Nations to hear the views and the people given the process of self-determination which was denied before the formation of Malaysia. 

The United Nations did agree to hear the 1962 Petition but unfortunately the British made a swoop on the nationalists promoting self-determination for Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei and accused these nationalists of being communists so as not to deflect the British and Malayan intention to proceed with the Malaysia proposal.  Resulting from the turmoil, these nationalists did not make it to make the presentation at the United Nations.  These nationalists were for real independence and fearful that the Malaysia project would be a handover of colonization from Britain to Malaya.  51 years later, today, their fears have become reality.

If you read paragraphs 6 and 7 of the IGC Report, the Malaysia proposal was decided by the British and Malaya.   However, both the Legislative Councils of Sarawak and North Borneo agreed to accept the Malaysia proposal subject to constitutional safeguards to protect the interests of Sarawak and North Borneo.   There was no self-determination.

The Petition to the United Nations was initiated in Miri on 09 August, 2014 by the Sarawak Association of People’s Aspirations (SAPA) and BHF and will target the collection of 300,000 signatures.  The objective of the Petition is to seek the United Nations to hear the views of the people in Sabah and Sarawak and for the Malaysian government to solve the existing problems rather than sweeping them under the carpet as is being done by the federal government with actions like that taken by Datuk Salleh.  The Petition is to continue the unfinished business of the 1962 Petition now that the fear of takeover has become real.

I have personally raised the Malaysia issue at the Sabah State Legislative Assembly but it was not allowed.   The UN Petition is an alternative solution since the government is not willing to listen and take action to rectify the problems and the United Nations is the only body that can bring nations and government together.  Like I said earlier, the intention is to solve problems and not being secessionist.

Contrary to Datuk Salleh’s accusations, we are promoting and instilling patriotism for Sabah and Malaysia while at the same time enlightening the people on the true history of Sabah and the formation of Malaysia.   Together with other NGOs, programs that are being held to promote the patriotism include the Merdeka Walk where participants will walk starting on 27 August from Kudat to KK, from Ranau to KK and a motorcade procession from Keningau to KK culminating in a Independence Walk on 31 August , at Tg. Aru, Kota Kinabalu.  There will be a Merdeka Convoy from Ranau to Kundasang on 5 September, a Love Malaysia Parade in Ranau on 6 September, a Malaysia Day Commemoration at the Batu Sumpah in Keningau on 16 September followed by a Malaysia Day Convoy from Keningau, Sabah to Limbang in Sarawak to meet the similar Sarawak Malaysia Day Convoy.

The participants and the people are patriots of Sabah and Malaysia and not secessionists.

Datuk Dr. Jeffrey G. Kitingan

20 August 2014

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